Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Thoughts from a Lordling in a Wedding

From Teddy’s position at the front of the hall he sees a room full of people from all over the Vail. Jon Lynderly walks his sister, Jana, down the aisle.

…Thoughts going through Teddy’s head as Jana walks down the aisle…
I feel a little sick. It’s not that I am trying to impress her – I’m sure she doesn’t want to be doing this any more than I do – but there could be a Lynderly trap at any moment! Wait, I was poisoned earlier today, that must be what I’m feeling. Let’s get this over with. Jana and I are going to be stuck together the rest of our lives – I hope we can garner some type of palatable relationship – it will be exhausting if we can’t get along. Oh she’s cute! Jon is an ass. Snakewood will belong to House Jasper soon enough – Carsen will help to make sure of that… muahaha!

Jon Lynderly removes the cloak from Jana’s shoulders

That’s right Jon, your sister isn’t a Lynderly anymore, get that horrid cloak off her. No murder attempts yet, this is a good sign. Jana looks good in that dress.

Teddy removes his cloak and places it around Jana’s shoulders

Another win for House Jasper, claiming what is ours! Nice shoulders, Jana.

Teddy and Jana lean in for the ceremonial kiss when BAM!!! The door to the chamber slams open!

OH SEVEN HELLS ITS HAPPENING I KNEW IT I’M GOING TO DIE!!!! Wait… Is that… Ser Darron? He doesn’t look well. Where has he been? I forgot he never returned with us from Gulltown. What was that, four months ago? A curt nod. He breaks into the hall in the middle of the ceremony just to give me a nod. And he’s sitting down, like nothing happened.

The septon reminds Teddy and Jana they need to kiss

Oh right, I was just being forced to kiss this person. I’ll meet her half way, but no further. Wait for it…. There it is. Okay, ceremony is in the books. Just need to seal the deal.

Teddy and Jana cut the pie

They gave me a sword, Jon Lynderly trusts me with this? I could cut Jana down right here and no one could stop me! Is that a smile I see on her face? That’s an actual, warm smile. She’s really quite pretty. Okay let’s cut this pie… Crows??? I’m confused. Why are crows coming out of this pie? Is Jana in on this? No one has been murdered yet, so it could be worse. I can’t let the wrong birds bother me tonight, there’s more pressing issues to attend to!

Teddy and Jana seal the deal



Hahaha the cut-ins to Teddy’s internal monologue are amazing… especially when he thought he was going to die

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