Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Thoughts from a Lordling in the Reach

Summer catches Ser Darron trying to hide his failure…

We’ve come all this way across Westeros for one reason, to get the Jasper family sword back! Well also a second reason – I need to collect on my investment in that silver mine – but that aside, Ser Darron’s stunt is unacceptable. He failed to acquire the sword from the Black Shield in combat then attempted to cover his failure claiming he threw the family sword down a well! How disloyal! How shameful for a knight! This deed will not go without reprimand, gods no.

Guards of Golden Grove take Teddy, Dolins, and Gregoriy into custody for the night…

How fortuitous this predicament is! The rotund guard promises me an audience with the Lord of Golden Grove in the morning. I dare say this is the perfect opportunity to make all of this right. I’ll just bide my time until the morning.

Summer (form of mouse) shows up and breaks the three of them out of jail…

Seven hells, there’s no way I can make an arrangement with the Lord now! We’re disrespecting his rule by breaking out of jail!

Oh! Summer knows where the sword is!

Oh… its heavily guarded…

Maybe we can sneak into the Lords chambers and “encourage” him to take my offer. It can’t be too hard to get there while everyone is sleeping, especially with Summer leading the way!

Gregoriy takes 2 extremely loud steps and immediately wakes the first guard we see…

Well fuck me.


Might as well have thrown a party before we left the cells!


Teddy’s inner monologue is pitch-perfect! I can’t wait to see how he chooses to reprimand Darron!

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