Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Before moving forward to new rooms, we slink around in the back rooms and hallways, finding a stone tablet in an abandoned desk, and take a minute to catch our breath. Upon circling back to the room with the fire breathing snakes, I slice into one, discovering that their fuel glands can be easily harvested to light our lanterns. We then move forward, and step through an unusually small doorway to find a decapitated skeleton that had fallen victim to a booby trap. "Let this be a reminder to us all that we should be warying of traps upon entering rooms," I remind my companions. After surveying the rest of the room, we take a moment to look over the tablet. I notice that it appears to depict a map of the very building we are exploring, and indicates there are 6 floors total, including one labeled "roost". It seems we have a long way to go.

In a following room we find a large chest. When I hold my ear up to it, I hear the rustling of a large creature, and move forward. The rest of the group seems to have a death wish as they insist upon opening it. From behind a closed door, I can hear that when they open it, they see only silver coins. Am I losing my mind? Did I hear nothing at all? Perhaps the perils of this place are beyond just the physical…

In another part of the floor, we find a deathly looking hole. Hoping to avoid it, we explore the final room on the second floor, but upon our first steps in another even larger snake coils itself around Darron's leg. We leap into action, stabbing the monster wildly, and it hisses and thrashes in pain until shriveling up. With this room empty besides the dead snake, it appears we have no choice but to get ourselves across the hole.

A faint hissing comes from the darkness of the hole and we brainstorm about how to get our injured and wounded across. "The pews!" I exclaim, and run back out into the library to start maneuvering one of the benched into the narrow hallway. We lay the pew over the hole, and with a little assistance, get everyone across safely, travel up to the third floor, and burst into a room full of massive fire breathing snakes!


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