Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

During my time in King's Landing, I take advantage of the city's rich wealth of goods, and collect some silks, scents, a lock picking kit, and some other goods. When the opportunity arises, I take the chance to make my case to Lord Ronnel, and urge him to reconsider his support for his son's ambitious but reckless mission for the sake of the future of House Jasper. He hears my concerns, and agrees to consider them.

Over the next few days, I join Teddy and Dolins in the library, them looking at maps of Essos, and me digging for dirt on the other noble houses of Westeros. Eventually, Lord Ronnel calls us to his table, and admits that he is struggling with his thoughts about the journey. Teddy gushes about his excitement for the riches the journey could bring, and Dolins expresses his shared enthusiasm for the prospect, both of them openly and naively ignoring the potential risks. Frustrated, I remind them that while the payoff would be enormous, none of it matters if we don't make it back, as no one has since The Doom. It is then that Dolins implies it is my duty to follow Teddy's orders, no matter the content, and that my advice opposes my loyalty to the Jaspers. I am incensed. "My dear bard, you surprise me. I resent your implication that it my best practice as an advisor to this noble house to follow blindly. I am concerned to hear that this is clearly how you believe you can best serve House Jasper." Dolins' eyes narrow, and I can practically see his blood boil under his skin.

The young lordling continues to dream aloud about the riches and status having a dragon's egg would bring to the house when the bard can no longer hold in his frustration. Dolins', out of character, insults my maturity and the value of my counsel, and suggests that my opposition may result in the removal of my promotion and new title. In horror, I turn to Lord Ronnel; "My lord-do you see what this mission is doing to the members of our house? Before we've even left the docks? Clearly our kind bard has been driven mad by greed and ambition, and I will hear no more of this disrespect!" Feeling my voice choking up and frustration overcoming me, I spin around, throw my hands in the air, and push through the door into the hallway. 

My pleas ultimately fall on deaf ears, and Teddy once again receives his father's blessing, though Lord Ronnel calls me back to express his gratitude for my voice of reason, and asks that I continue to speak up for the sake of the Lordling's safe return. I agree, and will make it my mission to ensure the continuation of House Jasper no matter what we find across the Narrow Seas-my ascent is dependent on it. 

We make arrangements for transport and I quietly resign myself from financially supporting this suicide mission. I'm probably going to lose my life-I'm not going to lose all my cash too! All the while, I hold onto Dolins' words and disrespect, and wonder if I will be able to continue to trust this goody-two-shoes I once held in high, though annoyed, regard.


A very entertaining look in to Calaila’s inner monologue!

To No Avail.
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