Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

I lament in my locked room with a gravely wounded August. The maester refused to treat my very best friend, insisting they only work on house fowl these days, and I am forlorn and lost about what the events of the last few days mean. I sob helpless tears throughout the night as August cries in pain from his wounds from Carsen, the code breaker, traitor and murderer. He is no true knight, and he is no friend to House Jasper.

As dawn breaks, I set my eyes to the sky, knowing I need to take action or I will surely go mad knowing Carsen still walks free. Confirming the door is locked, I warg into a raven and carefully search from the skies for any signs of the murderer. It is not long before I see an untied Bam in Thorne forests, and I swoop down lower to see if I can find any more clues. With no further luck, but hope and hatred in my heart, I return to my own skin, and tiptoe through the castle to find Gregoriy.

I should be embarrassed of my sleep deprived, tear stained, anxious state, but I am too desperate to let that stop me. I explain my concerns, that with the murderous faceless man on the loose, I fear for the safety of the Council of Justice and Lord Theodore, and share that I’ve found some evidence of Carsen’s whereabouts. When Gregoriy confirms he shares similar concerns, I’m overcome with relief, and I agree to lead to Order of the Darkwash River to Bam as a raven, and see if their tracking abilities can pinpoint Carsen.

As the afternoon turns to dusk, we find a smoldering campfire, and they track the murderer deep into the forest. A twig snaps underfoot, and Carsen draws his bow and fires at Gregoriy. I fly into his face, flapping my wings as he fires another arrow at Niall.


Just want to point out, the maester was never asked for help!

Tracking Carsen

Summer is clearly sleep deprived and coming apart at the seams! She can’t possibly remember who she has or hasn’t asked for help!

Tracking Carsen

No one was expecting the Raven attack!

Tracking Carsen
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