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Tracking for Dragons

A not so subtle guide on swindling bards

Hello old friend! 

It has been too long since I wrote in you. I believe it is time for me to leave behind another nugget of wisdom for whomever may find this journal when I leave this world to feast with the seven. For, at that point I shall not need my bag of swindling tricks. I will be boasting of my knightly title and my impending castle to the mother and the maiden, if ya catch my drift!

Alright future reader. Get your mind out of the gutter and into the game. I am going to teach you how to "Track a Dragon." First, find yourself a city slicker who is trying to track someone in the woods.

Second, offer to help them, but for a very steep price. I recommend at least a dragon, but as many as 10 for a minor lord. (Don't pull this on a major lord, for they may kill you.) The reason for the high price is two fold; It implies you are talented in the art of tracking, and it makes you richer! MAKE SURE THE DEAL IS FOR YOUR HELP! (Not success) Can't stress that enough before we move on…

Third, let them haggle you down a bit. They will think they are getting a good deal, and you suck at tracking. (plus it's a ton of money for practically no work!)  While you mutter about being borderline robbed, you reluctantly move in to preform the "art" of tracking. 

Fourth, and mostly importantly, do your best! Try and track whatever it is. We both know we suck at tracking, but why not give it a go? Heck, you might even successfully track the thing and earn that coin. It gives a good impression if you look like you are trying hard. They won't be quite so bitter about handing over money to you when you fail!

Finally, collect your coins and be on your merry way! Don't let them weasel their way out of it either. A deal is a deal! You helped, so you get paid. 

And that, sweet journal, is how you "Track a Dragon." 

I almost feel a little bad for the bard though… He's a nice guy. Tried to be a hero and save Calaila. He must have spent hours trying to track the attacker. Maybe next time we cross paths I'll buy him a tankard of ale and a go with the whores. That should make things right. Plus, Ser Darron could use a friend his own age…

This seems like a good place to stop for now. So much has been happening to us lately. It is a crazy time. I will have to get more of this written down before too long incase this rebellion fails. By the old gods, I almost died once already and it wasn't even to proper soldiers! It is a dangerous time.



Haha. This is the best one yet

Tracking for Dragons
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