Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Trader Joe’s

... not Traitor Joe

I must have tried to drown my frustrations for losing the trail of the one armed Septa in Ale. I must have blacked out, for I do not remember my performance (I’m sure it was fantastic though) at the tavern or even how I got to the Arbor. At least I did not soil myself like Ser Darron. Calaila and I arrived at the spot where we were supposed to meet up with Teddy and Thad. Much time has passed since their expected arrival without any sign of them. So we decided to head to the castle where they had said they were going. A way into the castle without announcing ourselves as House Jasper was needed. Thus…. Trader Joe and his daughter Dalaila. We were to pose as purveyors of fine fishing nets. The guards didn’t buy our nets or our story. Perhaps we should have chose something wine related. Oh well, my old bones could not stand to be out all night waiting for Teddy and the Maester., so Calaila and I found an inn for the night. While at the inn searching for clues to our friends whereabouts, Suddenly, as if by a manner of destiny, we hear two guards grumbling about their duties at a cave. I wasn’t quite sure why a cave would need guarding, but I felt like an omnipotent narrator in the tale of this adventure was trying to tell us to follow them. So we did, we kept far enough back that we would not raise any suspicion, but it made following them difficult. Eventually we got to the cave and saw the guards we had followed. Calaila and I were going to try to find a separate entrance to the cave when suddenly a man came running out of the cave past the two guards and they seemed befuddled. You can imagine my surprise as Teddy came running towards them next. They almost captured him but he continued to run towards Calaila and I prompting us to run too. He said he would explain what had happened later. Oh boy! I can’t wait to here this one!


Nice shot at Darron! I enjoyed the narrator reference too

Trader Joe’s

as if by destiny HA

Trader Joe’s
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