Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Two performances!

... to die for.

During my negotiations with Lyonel, I had humble (ok, maybe not so humble) bragged about my performances. Before leaving House Corbray, Lyonel insisted that I sing a song for his father. So I obliged them with a quick ditty about a house in Westeros, they call it House Jasper. They seemed to enjoy my performance and even tipped me some coin. Not having a one of its own… the residents of the castle were lacking the song and laughter that follows in the presence of a skilled Bard.

The Maester came to us and let us know that word had arrived to meet our Lady Alys on the road to Harrenhall. Lord Royce parted ways with our group and left us with some words of caution. I, for one, will miss traveling with him. He is a skilled fighter and diplomat. I know it pained him to resign his post as steward of the Vale. Good fortunes to him for the future.

As we traveled, Calaila suggested we come up with a backstory for who we all are and why we are headed to Harrenall. While I always enjoy some good acting, I'm not sure I want to hide my name. I guess I'll go along with what the groups think is best. Good thing I had my alter ego Bolins, ready to go. In the distance, we saw some wagons blocking the road and people standing there menacingly. We just kept riding at them while trying to figure out to do. They stopped us demanding food to let us pass. As they drew their swords to attack us, arrows struck down a couple of the bandits with lethal efficiency and the remaining ones fled. Calaila and Teddy took off down the road on their horses. I took a glance at the maester and saw he was still under the protection of Maelys. I decided to ride after the young Heir and handmaiden to protect them. The figure that emerged glad in black approached Thad and Maelys and did not appear hostile. I rode back to meet Orville, . He invited us to travel with him to the next town and spend the night. It was growing dark and it seemed like another opportunity to perform and gain some notoriety, even if it would be for Bolins. We entered the Crossroads Inn. I had been there once before, years ago. Orville has a dispute with a patron of the inn and the Inn keeper did not seem happy with Orville either. I asked what I could do to smooth things over and she said that he had an outstanding tab. I quickly agreed to pay it in exchange for him clearing the road for us earlier. I quickly brought out my heaviest of metal guitars and performed a new tune about our battle in the mountain. After my performance, which did not learn a lot of money, I went upstairs to sleep for the night. My friend Thad and I shared a room. I awoke well rested in the morning and went downstairs for some breakfast. We heard a crash upstairs and quickly went to go see what had happened. Maelys had kicked open Orville's door to reveal him laying motionless in a pile of his own vomit and excrement. Either he hard partied a bit to hard last night or some foul play is involved. What happened?!?


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