Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

After the bardic college opening, out riding one day, I see about a mile in front of August, Kusa and I a column of soldiers headed directly east towards Castle Snownook. I squint, trying to make out the details of the party but without much luck, I warg into the raven that trails us and get a closer look. About 100 soldiers trail behind a couple supply carriages and blonde twins, carrying sigil of a golden lion on a blood red field. I race back to the Jasper party as fast as I can and notify them of the approaching group.

After a few minutes of discussion, I recognize the stature of our guests, House Lannister, and offer to get the kitchen working on an impressive meal to greet them with. When I hear the gates open, I take it upon myself to carry in a tray of goblets of the house’s finest wine, and offer it to a dusty Ser Jamie after being verbally assaulted by an over eager Darron praising his prowess.

While the nobles meet, I tend to the Lannister horses, and have the opportunity to work on Ser Jamie’s impressive steed. From behind, my work is interrupted by a quiet woman’s voice, “You have a way with him”. I turn around and upon rising from a curtsy, I see a familiar face, Olive the Septa. We make some small talk, though much to my annoyance, every sentence of hers is peppered with references to her gods. Thinking of Ser Dolins’ skepticism of the Seven, I avoid the subject, and happily hand her the bag of feed for the mules she requested.


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