Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Walking the Tightrope of Crime and Crimefighting

It's a fine line.

Rhaella returns quickly after her secret mission to Gulltown, and announces to Teddy that the vessel is now anchored. We put our plan into action, with Teddy holding a banquet that evening in celebration of the garrison's hard work and commitment to House Jasper. I ride to Ralph's tavern, and tell him "tonight", with a quick nod, and leave quickly.

I wait in the cells with Dolins, and strike up a cheerful conversation with Rancis, attempting to ensure that he feels a sense of moral obligation to follow through with our efforts to help him escape. After a bit of quick banter, he says with a smirk that I am the kindest person he has met since he was captured. Trying to continue to play along, and increase my standings with this vicious criminal we're about to set loose, I continue trying to lay the charm on think, to which we responds with a disgusting threat that I can't help but run away from.

As I'm leaving the cells, I run into Ralph and 6 of his companions coming down the stairs to break Rancis out. Seeing the size of their party, I suddenly fear for dear old Dolins' life. But just as quickly as they came in, they come out with Rancis in tow. Ralph gives me a silent nod and a sly salute, and the deed is done.

I hop on my horse and chase after their trail, giving them a safe distance, and watch as they sail away into the darkness, when I hear the castle sound the alarm to notify all that Rancis "escaped". As I return to the castle, I see Dolin is safe and sound, and am happy to hear Lord Ronnel say "good riddance" as he retreats to bed.

The next morning, thinking our successful mission is leading into a formal promotion in the court of Lord Ronnel and Lady Alys, I put on my finest clothes, and enter the great hall with Teddy and Dolins, who are both in equally celebratory moods. Lord Ronnel gives us a very brief congratulations on the success of our scheme, and thanks us for our continued loyalty, however, this is quickly squandered by him turning the conversation over to Petyr. Petyr announces that he received a raven from his father, who reports a rogue knight has been terrorizing Baelish's lands, wearing the Jasper sigil. Instead of celebrating the glorious banishment of the bandits, we pack our bags, and head to the Baelishes' lands to bring this false knight to justice in the name of House Jasper.


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