Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Upon arrival at the perimeter of the Snakewood forest, accompanied by Ser Dolins for protection, I warg into a raven and swoop into the Lynderly walls. I settle on the arch of the gate house, and observe a wide array of sigils, including the blue and white bird of House Arryn, black and green snakes of House Lynderly, and many others. Noticeably absent is the purple sigil of the Protectors. A man who looks to be of some importance is giving orders at the gate and I listen closely to the comings and goings, and the man’s grumpy grumbles…“my cousin doesn’t want to let the Eleshams near the Coldwaters …”, “…no, Jon Arryn isn’t here, the Arryn men came down with Royce!”, “Ser Hunter has just arrived…”. Piles of rubble are still scattered within the walls from the Storming of Snakewood, though the Lynderly keep still stands. I see no signs of aggression or war, nor signs of friendship, and flit towards the Keep.
Standing watch for some time, I keep a close eye on the door for anyone entering or exiting that looks to be of important status. As the sun crosses the sky, I watch two men, one in bronze armor, the other bearing a purple and white crescent moon sigil, leave the keep and decide to follow them and listen to their conversation.“…do you think we brought enough men?” , “…of course. The Lynderly army was decimated just months ago and the Jaspers couldn’t have more than 500 men…between your soldiers, the Arryns, the Tollets and the Hunters I’m confident we’ll be able to keep the peace…”, “…you’re not worried about the Coldwaters? The wife is a Lynderly, you know…” “…Not a chance, it’s a wedding. The gods would frown on anyone who committed such an atrocity…”, “…as you say, Cousin…”
Feeling more relaxed about the commitment of the attendees to keeping the peace, I soar through Snakewood, and see disassembled catapaults before returning the Dolins in the woods, where I share my observations.
Back at Snownook, Maester Thad responds to my reports with confidence that one of the two men I followed was Nestor Royce. I swell with pride to be able to put House Jasper’s minds at ease as they depart for the wedding, and feel my cheeks grow warm when noble Ser Dolins praises my service to the house.

The entire house arrives safely at Snakewood, and disperse to prepare for the wedding…


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