Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper


Making money moves

After we narrowly escaped with our lives, we meet us with the rest of our group! It's good to be among friends again. At least with people who also want to get the heck off this island! So we head on down to the docks but surprisingly, there are no boats for us to rent! Can this be so?  Jardon and Carsen decide to go be tourists, specifically tour the pub. We run into a girl named Tess who seems to be expecting us. She must be the one who snuck the note in Teddy's pocket! Thank goodness he could read backwards… This must not be the cleverest bunch. We follow Tess into one of the buildings by the dock in which a man is waiting for us. He introduces himself as Rusty or The Duke, either one apparently. He speaks to us about sneaking into caves under the Redwyne vaults and helping Tess so she can sneak in to steal from them. There is some bartering about the division of spoils, and apparently we have agreed to do this with him.

I am going to stop here to say that I think that this is a horrible idea and I am not on board. But, as my good friend Dolins seems to be ok with it, I'll trust him. I am not one familiar with the outdoors our much outside of books and studying, so I feel uncomfortable on our walk to the caves. When we arrives, I place myself squarely in the center of the group. I also light my torch.

 We start exploring and quickly are set in upon fireants! I stay way far back from the group of them. I do suggest we set them on fire though, and through quick work of the group, they are soon mostly extinguished and the rest run away back into the darkness. Glad I didn't get involved in that… I worry my long robes could have caught fire!

After some more exploring, we see a Rock Creeper!! Well, first Carsen apparently saw it but didn't fully tell us what it was. So when we stumbled upon it, his screams of dragons, were not that helpful in preparing us! We swiftly set down a lantern as they are afraid of light, and carry on another way. We find many bodies throughout the cave and I end up with a sweet, though rather shitty sword! The maester is now armed and dangerous!!! Mostly dangerous to myself… Sadly. I do find a recipe list, a sheet with some Braavosii written on it, though I cannot read this, a few Braavosi coins that I pocket, and many more crappy weapons surrounding a bunch of skeletons.

Suddenly, a rock creeper is attacking Dolins!! No fear though, he makes quick work of that beast! I sneak over and extract the venom to make an antidote for their poison. Then we keep searching. We enter a new area and hear 3 deep thuds… Uhoh!!!

Dolins quickly downs another creeper, so I busy myself extracting the venom! I must stay out of the way. I do try to take a claw off for Dolins to give him as a gift, but my nervous hands make me mangle the poor claw a bit… How did Carsen get his off the other beast so easily? After another try, I get him a nice clean claw! And a total of 4 monster's worth of anti-venom! We finally find the hole in which Tess can sneak, but she has been wounded by one of the creepers. Calaila is able to fit and quickly sneaks in, steals some gold, and comes back out. We all end up with 1600 Gold Dragons!! We are richhhhh!!! We split this up to 200 a piece after a bit of a cut for Tess. My good friend Dolins, one to always out-moral us, gives his money to the house proper. I am keeping mine… And quickly scatter it throughout my many pockets in my robes. I am not losing this to another robber!



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