Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Welcome to Barron, the Red Priest


We are to venture out to gather our ward, Berta Rowan, but right before we head out, a raven arrives at dawn for Lord Jasper. It is from Lady Elesham, she has discovered that Ella stowed away with us and she is asking for her quick return. I read this to the group and then Carsen tries to steal it from me! He trips and falls instead and then growls at my dog to intimidate it. I really don't understand this man.

We discuss and argue but after a bit, we agree to go tell Lord Jasper. As we discuss with him, we all settle on that we should keep her if she would like to stay as she is an adult and made this choice. We tell Ella that she needs to write a letter now to her mother to explain her actions.

Darron also pulls me aside to discuss disguising him before we set out. He will be called Barron and has decided to dress as a red priest. I tell him a bit about the religion to help cover his disguise.

We then travel for several months to Goldengrove. It is a beautiful place. As we approach, a sentry yells out for us. Carson tries to tell him we are from house Thorne, as he apparently thinks he is the leader of the group. I then whip him with my chain and argues he is the leader of the party. The sentry tells us we should meet with their septa.

We ride in and our horses are handed off. We then meet with Septa Selyse. She officially welcomes us. Carsen starts his yapping again and states he is there to collect our ward. The septa states we can meet with Lady Bethanny tomorrow. I ask that she acquaint the lady with our plan to collect our ward and leave tomorrow and she states she will during evening prayers.

The next morning, we have a wonderful breakfast and wait in the solar. Septa Selyse enters followed by Lady Bethanny. We argue that we need to take our ward now and this argument devolves. The septa and lady then run out of the room. The doors open again and the lord enters followed by 10 guards. He seems to recognize Barron, but then calls him Jeremy? That was a close call!!

The lord states that the obstruction and delay was part of his plan to gain another day. His daughter is on the road to be wed! She is on the way to the Uplands to marry the heir of house Mullendore. Barron states that the hand of the king will be greatly displeased. Carsen threatens that he will be back to get him, spits on the floor, then walks away. Barron follows this with stating the fire god will put a hex on the house, he adds to Carsen's spit on the floor, then stalks off. I shrug, throw my hands up and walk away as well. Outside Barron/Darron states we should just take another random child and I argue we should go home. 


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