Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Well hello there Guliver


As we walked through the gates, we saw Bronn across the way. How did he beat us here?? He stated he brought Lord Wheynt the news of his son and was rewarded. He pointed to Maggie's head on a pike… I suppose that was her reward… Bronn then heads in to get his horse ready to leave. 

At this time, a measter walks out of the front hall. He introduces himself as Maester Tothmire. He seems to be an odd sort of man, but very friendly. He states the lord is very depressed and will not see anyone. He does invite us to stay in the bottom 3 floors of the castle, the top floors are falling apart apparently. He brings us to the hall of 100 hearths, although Dolins notices that there are just 35.  How astute my friend is! That makes me question the names of all of these rooms…

We eat a quick meal, and I head out to walk towards the stable. I see Bronn finally leaving and he states that our paths will cross again soon… Not sure what that means! But on I go into the stable. I rustle around a bit and find the most beautiful kitten!! With this I feel a slight burning of destiny…. But ah well. This maester had too much destiny.

I bring my little kitten into the hall to show my friends! Calaila and Teddy scoff at me. There will be no cute kitten time for those two assholes! Dolins of course understands right away and loves on the adorable orange striped kitten. I will name him Guliver! And he is just the cleverest, cutest little kitten. He sleeps in my robe pockets while I head on off to the library to work on these runes! Before I left the hall, Teddy handed me a wax seal he had found with a dragon on it. I slip this into a pocket and bring it with me.

The first day of research, I don't find much on the runes. I do realize that I know this wax seal. It is most likely from house Heddle, which I remember were a house of knights but they lost most of their wealth and now are mostly inn-keeps. While I am studying, Dolins comes in, gives Guliver some pets, then plays a game with the maester. I overhear him talking about how he thinks he is cursed and hates anything mystical. The Maester also states that Lord Whent is worried about his brother who is in the King's Guard and feels torn between the two sides forming.

On my second day of research, I figure out the runes! It states: By the grace of the gods this shield will protect the bronze kings from the night and from the children until the end of time. I know that the bronze kings are house Royce who were minor kings of the first men, back when House Jasper started. But the rest, I am unsure. I ask Maester TOthmire and he states taht the night stands for the winter and the undead. He does state that I should talk to Maniyn the Mage at the Citadel if I get a chance as he may help me discover if this shield has any special powers beyond being generally badass.

We later see Lord Wheynt after some time and he states he is very conflicted about the war brewing as he is sworn to the Tullys and our side, but his brother is on the otherside and he could not battle against him.


Destiny point well spent

Well hello there Guliver
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