Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Jardon the Absent and Ser Denys finally make their way to us and the dragon tower, and we agree to spend the following days healing our injuries and wounds before returning back inside. After a few weeks of gathering our strength, we strategize about how we will explore the structure.

When we're ready, we sneak back into the hallways we had previously entered. Moving very slowly and very quietly, we come across to the threshold we had turned around at last time, but move forward together. In a ballroom, we peer through a large crack in the wall to see a room full of skeletons, and massive slithering serpents. Jardon prepares to shoot a single arrow into the room, when I suggest that since we are in a stone building we attempt to set the room, and therefore the serpents, ablaze to exterminate them. To my shock and frustration, House Jasper thinks this is an absurd idea, and would prefer to shoot each monster one by one. I am literally dumbfounded. Jardon shoots one, it slithers out of sight, and then silence. While they stand around helplessly, I check out the other door, and through a tiny hallway, enter into another grand room with rubble and broken columns littering the once beautiful space.

Each member of House Jasper makes it over the rubble, but not before Lordling Teddy manages to make a big ruckus and knock down some more debris. I can't believe I might die for this kid and his childish pursuits. Beyond, one room opens to a steaming pool surrounded by a very narrow and slippery ledge. The other room is filled with more debris. Ser Darron manages to find a pristine valyrian steel sword with an ornate lion's head. I find…a few pennies.

I see no other option but than to shimmy across the wet ledges past the pool to explore the doors on the other side. I do so with a rope tied around my waist should I fall in, and Darron does the same following me with a light source, but leaves his weapons. Once across I hand him my dagger. The first door we open stinks of serpent feces, and we hear a rustling similar to that of the room with the crack. We rush out and close the door behind us!

The next door opens to a long narrow hallway. Darron and I tie our ropes to the door handle to aid with a safe return, and inch down into the black. The hallway curves around to a stairway, which we climb. At the top, Darron pokes me in the shoulder. "I have a bad feeling about this," he says with dread. I can't help it-I push forward alone. With no light source, I feel my way around the winding hall, stopping to listen after almost every step. I pass a couple closed doors, until I come to an open door. I take one step forward, and just from that one step can hear that I've entered a much larger cavernous room. Not knowing what could be mere feet away from me, I scurry back to Darron with eyes the size of saucers and a racing heart, who was convinced I had been gobbled up. "Not yet!," I say, "but we need to get the others now."


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