Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

What is with this odd stranger?

(2 weeks late)

We are still heading north through the woods. It is around September, if my calculations are right! I have lost track of the time a bit recently…. We are on a small path east of Widow's Ford. As we are walking, we see an old man sitting at the riverbank ahead of us. He waves to us. Dolins says hello and the man tips his hat at us. He asks if we know the way to Harrenhall as he has business there. When no one gives him this answer, he asks the way to the King's Road. Teddy states that he should head west for this.

Dolins then introduces himself and the old man states he has seen a performance of his in the past. Calaila refuses to introduce herself and Teddy states he is in my service. Then, Dolins, Teddy, Calaila and the man get into an argument! The man states he saw Calaila stealing from Dolins along the road. And to my surprise, Teddy and Dolins believe this! They seem to be very angry.

As Calaila has huffed off a bit, I start discussing with the man. I ask if he saw what she took, and he states no. So I question, if he saw it from so far away, how does he know she was stealing, and not just brusing a bug from his bag? He states he cannot tell. I start to question his motives. At this point, he states he must be going and gets up to leave. I see a flash of dangerous anger in Calaila's eyes…. Will she do something crazy?

As we regroup, with the boys angry at Calaila, they start to insist we need to head east. I try to convince them that they are wrong, and we need to head north, but in our conversation, they somehow convince me that they are right. What has gotten to my head? Is this a cold coming on?

So our group splits up. We three head east and Calaila goes on her own way. After 3 days of heading east, we reach teh Saltpans and realize the error of our ways. We stay at an inn for the night and then a week later, finally make it to the Bloody Gate. We see Calaila at the bottom apparently unable to cross! We introduce ourselves to the guards up top and they know Dolins. His fame really is spreading! He sings a song for them and they cheer. The gate opens and we see Ser Brynden Tully, the Blackfish! He states he was the one who knew Dolins and he asks how he and I are as we had last seen him at the double wedding. We recount a few tales to him and introduce him to Teddy.He then lets us know that the mad king is dead, that King's Landing was sacked and that now Robert is king. As we leave him, Teddy recounts that they found some deserters. He states we should keep this to ourselves if we see Lord Aaryon. He also tells us to keep our eyes open for Wildings. With this, we head on our way!


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