Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED? Maester Thad is sad....

I started this week high on life, after having borrowed my lovely lord's cloak and after another week spent chatting and getting to know him. We arrived finally at a tavern that was quite monochromatic and had minimal details…. Nonetheless! Dolins immediately spoke to the barkeep about practicing his set-list in exchange for food and board. He went and set up on the stage in the corner. Teddy, Calaila and I stood at the door and looked over the room. I mentioned I recognized soldiers in one group that all were dressed for house Royce of Gates of the Moon. There was another group that appeared to be from house Graften.

At this point Calaila decided to go speak to an obviously drunk soldier of house Royce. I took seat across the room and bided my time listening to what went on around me. After some time, I saw Calaila riling up the drunken soldier and playing her five finger filet game. It appeared that she won, which is no surprise. The soldier's applejack gait would have made it hard for him to even walk out the door!

All of the sudden, I FELT MY MONEY DISAPPEAR!! All my hard earned cash?? What the heck. I stood up swiftly and turned around to see who took it! I saw no one. I bent over to look under the table, still no one. I shouted to Teddy for help, but alas, he was useless. I asked the group behind me, even bribing them with some chemical enticements, but they stated they didn't see anyone. I was distraught. I had so many grand plans for my money… A nice new matching Shadowcat jacket like Teddy? More poisons? All dashed. God dammit. 

At this time, Dolins finally had all his instruments tuned and started his song of our battle from a few weeks earlier. I tried to listen to the song but was so distracted by my own misfortune, it was hard to pay attention. I did notice some sadness behind his eyes. I think there is more to Dolins than we all realize…

After the song, Teddy started to walk over to Calaila but in his manly stride, ran into a bulky man and spilled his beer on him. This crazy man stood up and threatened our lovely lordling! Gasp! The large man drew his sword and charged at Teddy!! He then shrieked, stated he was the lord of house Jasper, and then promptly sprinted out the door… This does seem to be a very cowardly move… Maybe I should rethink my affections. Behavior like this doesn't deserve the affections of such a cute Maester!

As all of this was occurring, I noticed a man standing on the balustrade watching what was happening. I walked up the stairs to meet up with this man. I found out that he was Lord Royce himself! He stated that he was waiting to speak to our group and asked me to gather the group and meet him in his room.

I signaled for the group to meet me at the top of the stairs. I shared with him that I had heard that the Graftons of Gulltown didn't answer lord Arryn's call to arms, now Arryn and Royce have people marching on the city to make the Graftons swear fealty to Arryn. We all gathered to listen to Lord Royce. He stated that we needed to meet up with our friends at the harbor and head to Hearthshome which is the seat of house Corbrey. He stated we needed to stop house Corbrey from mobilizing troops as lord Corbrey's son is a ward of the Graftons. He also stated that the son is wreckless and dangerous, so we shouldn't try to get him ourselves.

We all agree to this and head off in our group to the pier. As we arrive, we see a boat tying up. Our friends meet us and lord Royce states that danger is afoot, we need to get to safety and talk. I also notice that Jardon is missing an eye… I'm sure there is a story in there somewhere. And who is this hunky Carson…. A maester's gotta maest as the bard would lament in his songs.


“Maesters gotta maest” Love it!

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