Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

What the heck is going on?

In the hall of first light with Lady Elesham, Carsen dismisses himself from the room. I acknowledge Lady Elesham’s renewed alliance and Darron and I leave to look for Dolins.

After a quick stop at the Rambis, me, Darron, Thomas, and Summer set off to look for Dolins. Originally it was going to me Me, Darron, and Summer, but the Maester tried to convince Summer to stay and help take care of Jardon. As the bickering rose, I raised my voice and ordered Jardon and Summer to come with us. Jardon, being an ass, insists on going shopping with the Maester for a new leg. Exasperated, I tell Thomas to saddle his horse and come with us. If the Maester and Jardon are going shopping, there’s no reason for him to guard the ship!

We find Dolins, and on our way back to the Rambis we encounter Ser Argyle. It’s strange that he’s out this late.

Upon our return, I get to interrogate the Maester once more about the night of Caliala’s death. He confirmed from the autopsy that Calaila was shot with an arrow or crossbow in the back, and her face was intentionally removed, but the reason is unknown.

The Maester recalls Carson and Calaila left the ship together. Caliala was angry at Carsen for bringing Rusty onto the Rambis and not stopping a conversation with Jardon that revealed House Jasper has 3 dragon eggs, instead of 1 which I’ve been telling people. Caliala left to find me to let me know immediately. Carsen insisted on escorting her, but she didn’t want his company. While on the trail they had some falling out. The Maester recalls Carson returning to the ship alone, and Caliala returning a short while later for a brief visit.

I also interrogated Thomas. He says the last time he saw Caliala was when she and Carsen left the ship together, and he swears his life on it! He recalls Carsen returning, but never saw Calaila again.

I need to talk with Darron and Dolins, something isn’t right here.

As I’m getting ready for bed, Summer knocks on my door with some interesting information. She tells me that on their nightly rounds, they smelled burning human flesh and heard Rusty’s voice discussing with a woman about a person being burned. She made it sound like Rusty is leading this nefarious effort. Very curious.

I meet with Dolins and Darron and discuss all the clues to this point. We decide that we must interrogate Carsen. I also fill them in on what Summer told me the night before.


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