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House Jasper

What's a "face thing"?

Apparently Carsen has one

It is dusk as Ser Darron and I reach the north cove. Darron insists that we avoid contact with all people and travel off-road through the night back to the Rambis. I agree, as the situation on this island has deteriorated into the unknown.

My stomach growls, and I enquire to Darron about his snack situation. After a moment of eager anticipation while he rustles through his saddle bags, he pulls a rotting snake head out of his bag. Blech!

When we return to the Rambis, Dolins hasn’t turned up yet. Darron and I immediately meet with the Maester to figure out what happened. He claims that two days ago Rusty was on the ship with Carson and everyone seemed flustered afterward. According to the Maester, Calaila was last seen yesterday on board.

Going upstairs to interrogate Thomas, he says he last saw Calaila two days ago, leaving with Carsen on their horses shortly after Rusty left the ship on foot. He also said he saw Carsen yesterday and he is sure he didn’t see Calaila yesterday. He did see a septon, Summer, Thad, and Jardon. He heard that Rusty showed up again yesterday, but did not see himself. He also confirmed that he saw soldiers leave First Light yesterday early morning and Summer said she saw them return late last night.

This isn’t adding up. How is it possible that the Maester saw Calaila yesterday but Thomas did not? No one seems to know why Calaila and Carsen left the ship together, or where they were going. Are they hiding something from me?

Darron and I head to First Light to find Carsen and the Eleshams. When we enter the main hall, Carsen, Lady Elesham, and Iggy are all there looking quite pleased with themselves. Carsen begins to explain how they created peace for the Paps, but that’s the last thing on my mind right now. I need to find out who killed my advisor!

Something Darron says catches my attention. He’s describing how he found Calaila’s body, specifically her face being peeled off, when he says to Carsen “you know, like that face thing you do”. Carson does a face thing? He was the last person seen with Calaila… Darron claims that Carsen has several faces in his bag, so Darron and I push Carsen to empty his bag. He reluctantly dumps the contents of his bag on the floor, revealing nothing of particular interest. Some coins, rope, small weapons. It’s clear to me there’s nothing incriminating on the floor, but Darron pushes further. He seems to genuinely believe that Carsen’s “face thing” is real. I must admit, I’m inclined to give the honorable Ser Darron’s claim some weight. Its too strange a coincidence to let go of quite yet.


I’m DYING (no pun intended) to know why the maester didn’t disclose the events of Rusty and Carsens visit to Jardon! What is this maester plotting?!?

What's a "face thing"?

I really appreciate that you mapped out exactly what Thomas observed because I did a crummy job note taking for that!

What's a "face thing"?
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