Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

What's Kraken???

On our way to the Paps, I’m lounging in the Lord’s quarters when I hear some commotion coming from the main deck. I grab my sword and run out to the deck to see multiple large tentacles surrounding our ship! Before I know it, one of the tentacles has reached over the starboard hull and grabbed me! I heard Jardon yell from above “Lord Teddy, don’t make any sudden movements! The monster doesn’t like that!” Then he shoots his crossbow to free up Ser Darron, who is also wrapped by a huge tentacle.

What?!?! Am I not the most important person on this ship? Why is Jardon not saving me? If I survive, this will not be forgotten… AHA! Dolins struck the tentacle with a knife from across the ship! My number one bard! OOF… oh shit I’m being dragged towards the edge of the boat! I have a sword in my hand, but I must be careful not to cut myself! No luck! Maybe I can roll around and twist free…. Yes! Freedom!

I look up to see how everyone else is doing and I see Calaila charging at me with a stool and lantern! I haven’t seen those wild eyes of hers before! Praise the Seven! She smashes the lit lantern on the tentacle, forcing it back into the sea! How cool!

Something smells like its burning. There’s lamp oil everywhere! Thankfully, not on me. Fire seemed to work on that tentacle, perhaps I can light my sword on fire with burning oil… YES! FLAMING SWORD!

Another big, orange arm grabs Calaila. I have a clear shot and swing my flaming sword on the meaty appendage!

The tentacle pulls away, but comes right back and latches on to her again. I hear Jardon yell and I look to see a tentacle dragging him toward the edge of the ship. I run up the stairs, flaming sword in hand, and swing at the devilish arm! And I miss! But it was a flashy miss, as my sword is on fire.

Jardon is pulled over the edge! There’s a rope at my feet and I drop one end of it over to him. I tie the other end to the steering column to make sure we don’t lose our captain. I take another quick look around – I see Dolins pulling a rope, someone else must be overboard. I see another tentacle pulling one of the Maester’s dogs towards the edge of the boat. It seems to me our captain has the most urgent need, so I head back to the edge and start pulling. I’m definitely not strong enough to pull him up!


The thrill of wielding a flaming sword is unmatched! So I’m told…

What's Kraken???
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