Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Where dem heirs at?

So go get him, we can all be friends.

Dolins and I waited at the rendezvous point for quite some time, but the Maester and Teddy were no where to be found. Upon Dolins' suggestion that we travel to the palace, where the Maester and Teddy had planned to go, I wonder aloud why they may not have shown up. Teddy is a bumbling mess but, the maester usually keeps good time. We agree to present ourselves as fishing net craftsmen, father and daughter. I don my scarf and hood to hide my vicious scar, and he stride up to the palace with heavily beating hearts.

The palace was heavily guarded, and we are stopped and asked what our business here is. "We've come to demonstrate our superb fishing nets to your lord!" Dolins beams. The guards eye us skeptically, "We are a land of vineyards, not fishing, and our Lord does not do the purchasing of merchant goods." I cut  in "…imagine the wealth your land might develop if you doubled your profit avenues!" We are turned away, and told there is no interest. 

Dolins and I spend the night at an inn and tavern, and overhear whispers of the wedding in Riverrun, a siege at Storms End, and some rumblings of meatballs. "I wasn't aware the the Arbor was known for its  meatball recipes," I respond to our neighbors at the bar, and they laugh. Two house guards were reluctantly leaving to go change hands at the cave, and Dolins whispers "We should follow them," and I shrug and go along with him. We sneak from far behind and watch them change positions.

We see a scuffle break out near the entrance of the cave, and inch towards the mouth of the cave as a young man sprints pasts the guards with a mangled Teddy not far behind. 



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