Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Where does Olivia keep her army?

In her sleevy!!!!

I am woken by the voices of my servants nearby, and I lay quietly and listen. It would be really nice to continue sleeping, but alas, it sounds like a commotion that I should appear for. I approach the group and hear Calaila exclaiming in a struggling voice that House Jasper could be in danger. Woah! She has a mighty hole in her neck!

"No, no, no" I interject, "If someone was going after our house, they wouldn't attack a lowly handmaid."

"This could a warning!" Calaila continues.

I guess I have to say it out loud…"That would be a stupid warning, you are not important. Someone like me is important!"

It seems to me that Calaila may be hiding something about this attack on her life. After some discussion, our group enters our Lady's tent and Calaila reluctantly tells us her tale employing vagueness and omitting details whenever possible. She paints a laughable picture! She claims her attacker is a one-armed bandit that is impersonating a septa! 

Carson's self serving, yet sharp memory recalls seeing such a character during a visit to House Corbray. Perhaps this story could be true?

In the same morning, I approach the Corbray's camp and request an audience with Lord Corbray for my Lady Mother. Lord Corbray accepts, and we soon return with our party to their camp. As expected, the Corbrays do not believe the accusations presented by my mother. Oh, but wait. What is this? The accused one-arm Septa named Olivia cannot be found?? She has fled from House Corbray in the night??? SHE MUST BE GUILTY!!! WE WERE RIGHT!!!

I do applaud the Corbrays for entertaining us, and I hope the imposter did not do them harm. If not for House Jasper, that imposter would have continued to serve their family and raise their children. I do hope Lord Corbray rememers how we helped him on this day. 

And on this day, I do not envy Calaila. She will need to watch her back for the foreseeable future.  


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