Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Who's driving this thing anyway?

Despite my best efforts, here we stand on the deck of the Rambis, with Captain Jardon at the helm. As it is now only House Jasper aboard, and I am without others to spy on or scheme with, I find myself suddenly out of my depths and lost on how to best spend my time. I spend most of my days at sea twiddling my thumbs quietly, and doing my best to hold my tongue as Darron and Jardon flip the map upside down and rightside up again. I wonder optimistically if we may be accidentally heading back to Westeros after all, at the hands of these two. At one point, Sweet Thomas narrowly saves us from a grisly run in with the craggy shoreline, and it takes me half a day to catch my breath after the fright the event gave me. Stranded in Essos…I can hardly imagine a worse way to go.

After two weeks, the Captain and first Mate seem convinced we've found our destination and suggest we go ashore. I urge a scouting party to go ahead first, heeding Lord Ronnel's request to keep his heir safe. Tito and Darron eagerly agree to go ashore, for which I thank them for their courage, though when Dolins pipes up that he'll join their party, I can't help but stare off, blinking silently into the distance. My anger towards the bard and his aggressive attack on my position and value to the house in front of its nobility still runs deep, and I can't say I would be terribly disappointed if the duplicitous scout did not make it back.

The Rambis creaks throughout the night as we wait for the search party to return, and I am sick with longing for the safety of Snownook. The whole reason I came to House Jasper was to avoid this constant worry and fear for my life. How ever did I end up back in this cycle, and more importantly, how can I get out of it?


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