Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Won't you be my neighbor?

Teddy exits safely, and we rush back to Castle Snownook right away to discuss his findings. It seems Ralph knew who Teddy was immediately, despite his disguise, but was open to discussions. Teddy reports that Ralph confirmed that the reason they have stayed in Felliston is because of the lawlessness of the lands, and shared that someone very valuable to him by the name of Rancis was in the cells of Snownook.

We explore our options, and deliberate where we hope to send the local bandits. Pooling out knowledge of our neighbors we gather that House Lynderly's heir is John and Yorrin is the Lord (who has a reputation as an older, oblivious oaf). Yorrin has a daughter named Janna, and has many nephews in his service. Their hamlet is walled in entirely, and we gather that they have a better sense of justice and law than House Jasper does.

House Pryor is ruled by reasonable and level headed Lord Derrin, Perrin's father. He rules from Castle Skymark, made out of slate on the island of Pebbles. They have no navy, as they have limited wood and resources. House ​​Coldwater is ruled by young Lord Royce from a strong, ancient castle to northwest of Snownook. It is a stop on the recruiting mission of Carsen, Jardon, Darron and the maester. House Baelish is a new house on smallest finger, and their keep is a small tower in a desolate land with a small population.

House Elesham is ruler from a tower called First Light on Paps, northeast of Vale and fingers. It is signaled by a constant fire burning. Their Lord is a young boy named Emmon, of only 10 years old, and until he comes of age is ruled by lady regent. House Woodhole-Also on Paps island. Keep is called Woodhall, spartan, defensible but not by mainland standards. No moat, no big walls. Lord is old and angry Sir Haster, a group of landed knights.

We decide that perhaps sending the local bandits to Paps would be the best course of action in attempts to both increase the law in our lands, and sabotage our rivals. I take on the task of braving the cells to meet Ralph's friend Ransis, and as I walk down the steps, his stench greets me first.


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