Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

You can check out any time you like...

...but you can never leave

Waiting outside our inn is a gang of intimidating men. As soon as we see them, we scurry back inside hoping we weren’t seen. While we are deciding what to do, the gang breaks in through the front door of the Inn. It’s a group of 10 armed men led by an older man who doesn’t look well. Apparently, they looking for Calaila, who has locked herself in our room while we weren’t paying attention.

We are held off to the side by some men as they start trying to break down the door, but Dolins suggests they use a key. I can appreciate the sarcasm he was going for, but they took his suggestion and got the keys to open the door. Helpful, as always, that bard is…

They open the door and find an empty room! A few minutes later, we hear the creak of old door hinges. It appears they discover a trap door under one of the beds. The leader of the group barks orders in a foreign tongue, and two soldiers descend into the hole to find Calaila. At this point, my initial thought is to get out of there. I’m sure there is an extensive tunnel system and Calaila will turn up somewhere else in the city.

Dolins and I were not on the same page. He tried the old “I dropped my instrument into the trap door” trick. These guys must have been had by that one before, no luck for Dolins. Thad asks to examine the leader’s cough, which is quite bad. Thad does convince him to look at his cough, and while that happens I strike up a conversation with the head honcho.

I learn some fun facts about this man while we talk:

  • He’s from Lyce, which is across the narrow sea
  • He’s had this nasty cough for many years
  • He’s from a wealthy family
  • Calaila “wronged” him, possibly a romance thing? Tough to say.
  • His family is in the trading business, King’s landing is the furthest West they travel
  • They do charter ships from time to time if the price is right
  • He is potentially open to hiring new people into his trading business!

The life of a trader could be fun! Have a fleet of ships that I could take anywhere in the world. Maybe we’ll end this on decent terms and I can break into his business? One can only hope.

After some time, the Maester diagnoses his ailment as whooping cough, and asks me to the kitchen to help prepare the medicine. Thad and I write sneak messages back and forth, and we decide to give him milk of the poppy to heal/incapacitate him. He drinks it and gets knocked out for 6 hours. Funny, now we’re stuck in a room with 8 armed men who don’t speak the common tongue and we’ve incapacitated their leader.

I briefly consider lighting the house on fire, but the exit plan is questionable. Ultimately we sit around and wait for him to wake up. When he comes to, his cough doesn't seem to go be any better. Nice going, Maester…

He freaks out and starts making threats. REAL threats! He cuts off the innkeep’s finger while trying to get information about Calaila! Dolins steps in and uses his wits! With a smattering of truth and lies, he convinces the angry man to leave the inn. Upon further consideration, I don't think I want to work for that guy anymore.


You assholes cost the innkeeper a finger?!?! WTF! Talk about Lord-Privielege. Get woke Teddy!

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