Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

They can have my fiddle....

... when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers

Our party, now quite large, departed from Gulltown with haste. I personally enjoy traveling with our new companions. I listen to their stories of travel and battle. To fill them in on our happenings, I perform an encore of one song I had performed at the tavern in Gulltown. We were to make for House Corbray in Hearts Home via the Mountains of the Moon. While we travel, we ask Lord Royce for advice on how to best get the Corbrays to not invade Gulltown, but instead perhaps persuade them to join the rebellion. Nester says he is skilled in verbal and political combat but says he is not much for hand to hand combat. Something tells me he is just being modest. As we were traversing a snowy path up in the Mountains of the Moon, we were prevented from traveling any further by an aggressive looking group of people. Calaila tried to talk our way past, but things quickly turned violent. The group spurred their horses into a gallop toward us. Calaila ran a button hook back to the main group and turned to face up the valley. In a brash move that bordered on reckless, Sir Darron charged ahead towards the leader of the fighters. What followed was utter chaos. Each of us had to battle at least one mountain clansman. Carson, the farmer, put on his armor before making any other moves. Lord Royce and the Master-at-arms slain some of out attackers each. I stuck close to Maelys who still seemed concerned with our left flank. My friend, my Maester friend, even swung his hard earned chain as a weapon at one of my attackers. I still feel bad he lost his money. Alas, no time to think of that now… we are in combat. As I stabbed the nearest clansmen to me, a pack of wolves appeared through the snowstorm! Now feeling more confident around animals after our encounter with the shadow cat, I thought I would attempt to tame this beast rather than slay it. I gave the wolf some food and it did not make any further moves against me but it also did not make any moves to join me. I threw a knife at a clansman attacking Calaila but it only stuck in his armor. I made one more attempt to calm the wolf, but to avail. In the flurry of the snow and the battle my mind went blank. In feint flashes almost like a dream, I had visions of Carson negotiating an agreement with Yara and the remaining clansmen. I heard whispers of our party seeking refuge in some ruins and crossing paths with a rambling old woman speaking of cats and birds. When I came back to my senses, I was in the castle of House Corbray. While I had been in this trance, I did think of a new song to sing!


Your log addresses the early departure well!

They can have my fiddle....
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