Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

You Greedy Little...

Maester be Frontin

After the bandits were downed, Maester Thad immediately scrambled toward the unclaimed pile of coins. He seems unusually concerned with the loot, and offered to hold everyone's share. I insisted that I take mine because something seems off to me about this Maester, and I have my own damn coin purse.

We explored the rest of the cave as a group. We discovered a frozen, half eaten dead guy, and a shield with strange markings on it. The Maester took the shield because he "had the least to carry" and "he could study the markings later". This cave has been profitable for this Servant of the Realm…

When we found our way back to the mouth of the cave, we encountered a shadowcat. I whispered to the nearest person, Maester Thad, to help me drag one of the dead bandits to the front of the cave. The Maester put Milk of the Poppy on the body, and the cat fell asleep. The group decided it was best to slay the beast before it woke. It was apparent that some disagreed with this, but no legitimate alternatives were voiced before the deed was done.

As we settled down to wait out the storm, Maester Thad asked Dolins to turn the cat's hide into a cloak for him. Enough with this Maester! So much want for one dedicated to serve! I insisted the cloak belong to me, for the shadowcat is the sigil of House Jasper and I am the heir to the Lordship. The Maester moved uncomfortably close to me and pressed again for ownership of the yet-to-be-made cloak. I offered that the Maester wear the cloak while the winds continue to howl, but that it ultimately return to me. That seemed to satiate the acquisitive Thaddeus. If this trend continues, I may lose my temper with this Maester.

After a full week in the cave, I was relieved to see the storm subsided. Thank the Seven, it was time to get back on the road.


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