Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

Ewwwwwww! Orville is very obviously dead. A classic case of gray cap poisoning. I look around the room and see no food or drink but do see his sourleaf… And some strange gray dust within the leaves which must be the culprit. I recall that Orville had ordered his food and sourleaf with Masha and Maggie had brought the sourleaf to him. So those two are worth questioning…

At this point Teddy sneaks downstairs. A bit later, Masha comes up with him and states it looks like food poisoning but this takes time to set in so it can't have been from her food. A likely story coming from a potential murderess. Dolins and I then decide to sneak down. Dolins makes it to the kitchen but I trip on the stairs and cause a clatter. Maggie sees me. She doesn't look pregnant which was one suspicion of mine. She states that Orville is not well liked by anyone. She also says that she helps around the inn and lives upstairs. She confirms that Orville's last name is Whent. She seems to withhold from me and I retreat to another area of the room and speak to some soldiers at a table. They state they work for Lord Whent but didn't seem to know much of anything. They did state that the Whent's have 4 sons and one daughter but they had no more information on Orville.

All of a sudden a man in orange appeared at a table behind me! How did that happen?? Anyways… I go to talk to this man, who's name is Tom. He states that he is a tanner and that it is too cold up north for him and he is traveling south. He asks me to pay for his room but I say no. He states he has no family and is unsure of his age. He also states that he has heard some fun trivia about Harrenhall and how it is the largest castle built. He also states offhand that he heard Raeghar is trying to be king and that Ned has been taken prisoner. He seems a bit scattered and not all that helpful, but he was good to talk to!


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