Campaign of the Month: December 2020

House Jasper

A Visit from Lord Arryn

Lord Ronnel gathered all the members of House Jasper one evening and shared with us that Lord Arryn would be paying us a visit the next day. I was appointed to be his cupbearer, and was filled with joy at the opportunity to be in such close proximity to the liege lord.

In the morning, we meet Lord Arryn out in the courtyard, and I, yes I, am introduced formally to him by our Lord Ronnel. We launch into a Battle of Wits , for which Carsen, Jardon and I are each awarded one gold dragon for our victory. After winning, I have the opportunity to serve Lord Arryn and Ronnel some wine and over hear that I am now not just serving the liege lord, but the Hand of the King of the Seven Kingdoms. This is truly my lucky day to make a good impression. 

Teddy and Carsen put on a vulgar display of deceit in a false joust. Lord Arryn sees right through this act, and calls Lordling Teddy out on his dishonesty.

While serving the head table, I overhear Lord Arryn sharing in disgust with Nestor Royce his observation of the rampant lawlessness, lack of lands and sworn knights to house Jasper. It's all I can do not to fall to me knees and wail in agreement, and beg him to take me with him to the Red Keep. Dolins sings the room a hearty tune, and then Lord Arryn announces his promotion, and that Lord Royce will take his place. Furthermore, he announced the development of a new post, a Warden of the the Fingers. The room is stunned in shock, and I am crestfallen. After hearing his negative impressions of House Jasper's state, and the blatant display of the house heir's incompetence at the joust, it is clear that House Jasper will not be chosen for this honorable position. 

Jardon performs a stellar story of the history of the Vale, and we all participate in a flag capture melee. During this event, I square off with Petyr Baelish, but am clearly out of practice with my stiletto, and he puts me out of the game quickly. This event serves as an excellent reminder that I've gotten too comfortable here, and need to up my training.

At the end of the day, I take the opportunity to bid Lord Arryn an intimate farewell, and he smiles warmly, sharing that he hopes my talents are not relegated to cupbearing for the rest of my life. "Lord Arryn, if there is ever any way I can serve you or the seven kingdoms, I hope you will keep me in mind," to which he agrees. I take his kind words as a resounding success for the day, and leave the goodbye with an extra skip in my step. Perhaps I will not be stuck in the Flea Bottom of the Vale forever after all…

I Think Jardon Almost Died... Again...
And We Didn't Even Succeed In Our Mission

Boy he looked grim. I thought he was dead for sure when the trebuchet shot the tower of dragonstone he was fighting on. Then again, he never should have climbed that tower. I am pretty sure those Targaryen bastards were there waiting for us. Low and behold, he somehow survived. I saw Ser Darron with about 12 cross bow bolts ticking out of him charging accross the rampart with Jardon over his shoulder. What a sight that was! Very heroic. I didn't expect that one to risk his life to save one of us. 

I knew someone had to clear a path, so I went about doing what I do best; pretending I am on the other side and barking orders at scrubs. I snuck up behind the north east tower guards and ordered them to get to the front gate. They were super startled and hustled off without complaint. One deaf crossbowmen didn't listen to me (or notice me for that matter) so I snuck up on him and gave him the ole bonky-bonky and knocked him out cold. I then dressed myself as a Targaryen crossbowman and set about finding the royal chambers. 

Well I guessed the wrong tower, or perhaps didn't listen to Stannis very well. I am not 100% sure, but it didn't matter too much. I just yelled at the other troops to get moving and they got out of my way. It was a bit of a trick to keep my shield hidden what with the baby blue and all, so eventually I pretended I killed myself and took it as a trophy. The lowly crossbowmen slaying a knight and taking his shield would be something of a legend to these simpletons me thinks. 

Eventually, we made it to the royal chambers. There were not too many guards, but I imagined there would be plenty of loot. And so, while my compadres tried to finish the mission, I set about looting! What a haul; I got 10 dragons, some wooden armor, Targaryen noble garb, and a shiny new battle axe! I did hear some commotion from the others, and I tried to go help, I swear I did, but Jardon blocked the door from me. It all worked out in the end. They fought a mighty knight without me and I made out like a bandit. I didn't take so much as a scratch the entire battle, and they both were quite bloody. Luckily, we all look like heroes.

Unfortunately, as we left the castle we came back upon our comrades whom we left on the lower level to fight off the guards. Maelys looked even more speechless than usual, and Perrin was beside himself weeping. Our dear friend Ser Samwell Stone had fallen during the battle. 


The puppies are now dogs!
What tricks they have learned

Once we are back in Castle Snownook, Dolins and I start training our pups! And they seem to learn so quickly! Gary and Droolius are becoming close throughout their training and it's a cute sight to see. Gary has really learned quite a bit over these few months of training and it's impressive to see! I may just have to get him a buddy to hang around with. One of his most impressive tricks is that he can carry Guliver on his back! It's a very cute sight and brings a few giggles and stares. But it frees up some weight from my pockets!

I also find an odd note in my chambers from Carsen. He has left me a jar and a vial to look at and and determine what is in it. He offers to share gold with me if I am reading his note correctly… I really should give some literacy lessons around the castle…

It's Trial Time!

Teddy and I head off to the trial in the morning. Before we reach the keep, Teddy asks for a large dose of milk of the poppy in case he needs to poison someone. I tell him yes he can have it, as long as he gives it back. We are escorted up to the keep and into the great hall where Perin is standing in front of a large oak table. Behind the table, Lord Grafton, his maester and septon are seated. The lord welcomes us and states they are ready to start, just as James hurriedly enters the room.

Perin is stated to owe money to the city and Lord Grafton talks about how he is against people gambling above their means. James states Perin owes 50 gold dragons and that punishing him would dissuade others from doing the same thing. Lord Grafton asks Teddy for questions. He asks when the debt was started. James states before the war. Lord Grafton asks if it would not be wise to not offer such a large line of credit to someone who cannot pay? To which James states that Perin led them to believe that he could pay as he was a nobleman.

Teddy calls James out for trying to sabotage the Falcon's Nest and Lord Grafton states he finds it hard to believe that James would plot so openly. Both the Maester and Septon weigh in and believe he should be punished. I step in to ask some questions. James obviously lies to me. I eventually offer the solution of banning Perin to just our lands. This suggestion is not liked as they state that Perin could just walk away and we can't really restrict him. I then ask, after whispering with Teddy, if we can pay his debts from the house. They accept this and release him. He seems so overwhelmed with thanks for Teddy to have paid off the debts. He seems to be truly sorry and thankful.

As the group is leaving, I run up to the maester and introduce myself. I ask if he has any books on the older languages as I've grown interested. We walk to his rooms and he finds a copy of the Poems of the Freehold in both Valyrian and the Common Tongue. He offers this to me and in replacement, asks for any books I may have on birds or ravens in general, specifically on flight. I state I will look when I am back in our castle and send anything I have!

New Companions for Castle Snownook

Terry opens her door to reveal that she is holding a stiletto. We persuade her to tell us her story, and she shares that she's known Rusty almost her entire life, after joining his band of cut purses. After some time, they developed a romantic relationship, and she and Rusty had a child together. Terry shared that Rusty has a terrible temper and is a very dangerous man, and escaped Rusty with their young son in tow, in order to rescue him from Rusty's menacing plans for him. And at that moment, a cowering boy comes out from the closet, and clutches him mother's leg.

This is quite the turn of events. Dolins and I agree to offer her the opportunity to join us at Castle Snownook. She first asks for gold to be able to cross the narrow seas, which we quickly decline, but then agrees to join us on the road north. 

As Dolins prepares a covered wagon of sorts to transport Terry in without others seeing her, I meet our old friend Tess down at the docks. "My friend, you have finally arrived! Unfortunately it is too late…" I tell her that without enough direction from Rusty's note, and without her here to guide us, we were not able to figure out what he was seeking, and though I stayed back to personally deliver this news to Tess, the rest of my party has returned north. Tess warns me that Rusty is not someone to cross, but ultimately buys my line, knowing only that we gathered limited intel about patrons of the Falcon's Nest seeking information about the Duke, but not revealing that I knew what to do with that information. We part ways, and I head north with confidence that we have escaped Rusty's villainy.

No no, its cool. We're slave traders.

It’s still the night before the trial, and Dolins and I are going back to the castle to try and talk to Perin. We approached the castle gates and I was about to open my mouth to announce ourselves, when Dolins blurts that “we are slave traders looking to scour your cells for scum that we might buy from you”. He was very convincing. Unfortunately, the slave trade is illegal in Westeros and the guards point their weapons at us.

Dolins turns and runs immediately. It seems as though he and I have switched rolls tonight!

“My good sirs, I don’t have any idea what that drunk is talking about. I am Theodore Jasper, I am requesting an audience with my sworn sword who is awaiting trial.”

Damn, its nice to be back in the Vail where being a Jasper commands some respect!

I am escorted to the dungeons where I find Perin slumped in a cell. I can tell he’s been mulling over the days events in his head. He tells me he’s going to confess and ask for mercy from Lord Grafton. That’s the plan of a man who’s given up! 

“You could demand a trial by combat,” I tell him. The wheels are turning in his head, weighing the consequences. He eventually agrees to request trial by combat, but he doesn’t seem excited about it. I assure him that I’ll do whatever I can to make his day easier tomorrow.

That evening, back at the Winter’s Reprieve, I find Dolins being merry with Calaila and the Maester. I’m glad to see he eluded the soldiers, hope he didn’t kill anyone. In preparation for tomorrow, we all agree that Dolins shouldn’t show his face at court tomorrow after the stunt he just pulled. It is decided that Maester Thad and I will attend Sir Perin’s hearing in the morning, while Dolins and Calaila continue the search for Terry. 

Thad and I get an early start the next morning and make our way out of the tavern while the other two are still waking up. As we turn up the street towards the castle, I turn to Thad and exclaim, “Well, this should be exciting.”

Gull City
Gull Gull City Bitch!

For our first night in Gulltown, we chose to stay at the Winter’s Reprieve Inn. Perin recommended it when we first entered the city, and from the outside it looks like a decent place to stay! The rate isn’t cheap, but a silver for the night gives us all we can eat and drink!

Dolins, unfortunately, went straight to bed because he was feeling like a moldy onion. Calaila and the Maester grabbed a seat in the tavern to be served by James, one of the owners, and I decide to go explore living space upstairs. The guest rooms are unassuming, but there’s a steep flight of stairs that leads to a locked door. After listening for any activity and hearing nothing, I’m pick the lock and enter the room. It appears to be the living quarters for the owners. It is modestly furnished with two beds, a table, and some other pieces. Notably, there is a chest with a mighty lock on it! I am tempted to pick the lock, but my gut tells me I should leave it be. Who knows how long we’ll be in Gulltown, I don’t want to start trouble on our first night.

When I return to the main room downstairs, Sir Perin emerges from a back room and asks if I would like to join in some gambling. I’m interested, so I make my way to the back room. The other owner, Jamie, runs the table. My competition is the lovely Sir Perin, and a local named Edgar. The name of the game is “Going to Gulltown.” Its just a bunch of throwing and counting dice, which was entertaining for a few rounds. I won my first round, but started to slide the next two. I decided to cut my losses and leave the table, when I noticed one of Edgar’s dice behaving oddly. I considered for a moment, then I moved to sit back down.

“Jamie, I changed my mind. Count me in for one more. But this time, let’s rotate the dice between players to keep it honest.”

Edgar pushes his chair back and says, “I think I’m done for the night.” What a bum!

“Perin, by any chance do you owe that guy money?”

“No, my Lord. I don’t owe anyone money.” 

Sure, you don’t… Now that the game has ended, all of us have made our way back to the tavern. There was a bang at front door and solders of the Gulltown city watch stormed into the Inn! They arrested Sir Perin for debts owed to the public, and took him to the dungeons in the castle.

After they leave the inn, Jamie tells us that other knights from house Jasper had the opportunity to fulfill Perin’s debt, but didn’t follow through. Now Sir Perin’s fate is in the hands of Lord Grafton.

The next day we go to the seat of House Grafton to inquire about Sir Perin’s predicament. Lord Gerald Grafton informs the Maester and I that the hearing will be tomorrow, and that James will be testifying on behalf of the business. Later that day, we return to the Inn and meet back up with Calaila, who was hanging around the docks trying to pick up some info. Word on the street is that Jamie, the inn owner, is paying people for information about the Duke. Hmmm… Perhaps we can leverage this situation by sharing what we know about the Duke in return for James urging for the release of Sir Perin at the trial tomorrow.


I walk through the market buying a whole bunch of practical things, but then I stumble upon a woman with a dog and her pups. I've never been much of a dog person, and Gulliver wearily looked out of my pocket, probably wondering what had gotten into me, but I decided I had to have one. Though I left with two. I purchased a few more things and headed back to the inn. We all met in Dolins' room where he was much recovered thankfully. I first hand my good friend a harp! I figure he could practice and spice up his music with this. Then I hand him a bag that is rustling a bit… It's the brother to my puppy! He seems thrilled and hopefully he is! I told him I'll work on training up the puppies and we can have his learn how to dance along with his music! I name mine Gary and he sits in another pocket apart from Gulliver who still isn't so sure I made the best choice.

Teddy and Calaila fill Dolins in on what he missed while ill. Teddy and Dolins decide to head up to the castle to speak to Perin while Calaila and I debate going to the docks. She let us all know that rumors are swirling that people are being asked to provide more information on the Duke but no one knows who he is. If anyone does have information, they are supposed to bring it to Jamie at our inn. As the day wears on, Calaila and I decide to head to the docks in the morning, but as morning comes, I remember I had told Teddy I would attend the trial with him. So Dolins and I trade places and Teddy and I head out after breakfast! 

Note for Maystur
(in game note, 2 artificats left with it in Maester's Chambers)

Deer Maystur Thadeus,

I fund 2 glass vowls in my travuls. Pleas let me kno wut they R. Pleas use disscration if sensativ contents. Will share gold if valubal. 

Finding Terry

Our little group decides to divide and conquer. Dolins and Teddy check in with Ser Perrin the night before (though Dolins returns back far before Lord Teddy, out of breath and looking very shifty). The next morning Maester Thaddeus and Lord Teddy rush out the next morning to get to the trial for Ser Perrin, and Dolins and I come downstairs a bit later. Upon entering the common space at the inn, a woman sees us and quickly diverts her eyes. Jaime lets us know that this woman is TERRY, and Jaime notes that he thinks she is on edge because she's being perused by our guy Rusty over "what she has with her in her room". Overhearing this, Terry jumps up out of her seat and rushes upstairs, and we excuse ourselves to follow her.

There are voices coming from inside Terry's room, and we persuade this woman to open up, which she agrees to do, only if we look from the threshold, and don't enter…