Alys Jasper

The Lady Of The House


She wears her grey hair long and is known to have been quite beautiful in her younger days. She has aged with grace.


Lady Alys was born of House Darklyn in Duskendale. She was married to the lord of House Jasper in 254 AC, where she lived for most of adult life. Her younger brother was Lord Denys Darklyn, who rebelled and was executed by Royalist forces. To those close to her she has long whispered her goal of revenge for her brother’s death, motivated by fear that the Mad King will someday come for her or her son. As her husband’s health began to decline she began to mold herself into a warrior and capable military commander to ensure that her family would always be safe. She is devoted to her family but her wrath could be their undoing.

Lord and Lady Jasper received Teddy, Dolins, Calaila, and Maelys after they returned to Snownook with the knight who had been impersonating House Jasper and pillaging the lands of House Baelish. A trial for the man, Ser Gyles,was set to occur upon Lord Arryn’s arrival. Calaila was also given a promotion and has been named the House Jasper Mistress of Whispers.

Along with her husband, Alys held audience with Darron, Jardon, Carsen, and Thaddeus after they returned from their recruiting progress. Firstly, the Jaspers allowed Ser Yoren to leave as he had arrived at Snownook under false pretense (the fault of the Jasper knights). Then, Lady Ella, Ser Cedric, and Ser Phillip took their oaths of service before Ser Darron. The former was sworn in only after Alys spoke in favor of it, expressing her admiration for the young woman for Alys too had held similar aspirations in youth.

House Jasper hosted Ser Gyles’s trial for oathbreaking in 284 AC. As both host and the house responsible for Gyles’s apprehension Alys testified at his trial. She was aggressive and expressed that Gyles had acted under instruction from Lord Lynderly. She likened the plotting to the eradication of her own family house, House Darklyn.

Lord and Lady Jasper were overjoyed when the vessel carrying their son and his travel companions sailed in to the waters south of Snownook in April of 285 AC. After welcoming the Valyrian expedition home with a private dinner in Snownook’s hall, they shared the recent tragedy of Ser Perin’s murder. The homecomers were tasked with solving the murder as none of them could possibly be the culprit. The homecomers in turn shared the passing of Tito Alfah in their travels. It was also decided that the three dragon eggs from the expedition would be stored in the vault for the time being until the Maester could be consulted when his sabbatical at the citadel ended. All agreed to keep the existence of the eggs secret until that time.

The Lord and Lady of House Jasper attended their son’s wedding at Snakewood in 286 AC. The wedding itself went smoothly enough, despite fears that lingering tensions from the Storming of Snakewood would boil over. However, both Lord and Lady have fears that their house’s lineage is hamstrung by Jana Lynderly, the bride, remaining at Snakewood. Those concerns were shared with their son immediately upon their safe arrival home.

In July of 288AC Alys was informed of the mysterious abilities of Ser Carsen and that Summer had found a human face in his possession. Teddy also stated that he would be bringing this to the Council of Justice for a ruling. She urged Teddy to find a quick resolution so that a rift between the houses doesn’t fester. The following day Alys was a mostly quiet observer (except when she interjected to clarify laws of property as related to banner houses) at Ser Carsen’s trial.

Alys Jasper

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