Ardin Celtigar

A Knight of House Celtigar


A middle-aged man with close-cropped hair and beard, both pale of color. Ardin has an easygoing nature and is considered careless and reckless by his detractors.


Ardin’s cousin is Ardrian, the lord of House Celtigar. As a young man Ardin had an affair with a handmaid of Lady Celtigar, Wyman and Willas Waters were the product of that relationship. Ardin has been an inconsistent father in his sons’ lives; at various times he has been more friend than father, a strict disciplinarian, and absentee. At Ardrian’s direction Ardin sent his sons away to squire for House Jasper after they ruined a feast in honor of Prince Rhaegar with their antics.

At the Battle of the Trident Ardin rode with the cavalry under command of Barristan Selmy in an effort to breach the rebels’ western flank, guarded by House Jasper’s forces. Ardin was killed in the battle.

Ardin Celtigar

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