Ardrian "Hard Ard"

A hedge Knight


Ser Ardrian, better known as “Hard Ard” is a hedge knight of some repute. There are many rumors about the genesis of his nickname. Some would say that Hard Ard prefers the difficult life of a hedge knight and takes on the challenge by choice. Some would say that he is a man of uncommon will or courage. Some say it is simple rhyming! The women of working in the brothels offer yet another explanation…


He was a combatant in the sunset melee at the tournament celebrating the royal marriage of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. He was badly hindered when a throwing knife from Dolins stuck him the thigh. A moment later Brynden Tully struck him down.

After a trial of seven was ordered by Lord Jasper to resolve the issue of whether Ser Cortnay had murdered Ser Hoster Woodhull in a joust the accused and the accuser (James Woodhull) set about recruiting champions to fight for their causes. Ardrian agreed to fight for Cortnay. The hedge knight was killed in the fray.

Ardrian "Hard Ard"

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