Areo Hotah

Captain of the Guard for House Martell


Areo is broad-shouldered with white hair. He bears a longaxe that has a shaft six feet long. He has a brand of his ax marking his chest. He wears a shirt of copper scales with a billowing cloak of dun-and-yellow sandsilk to keep the sun off the copper. He still wears his norvoshi halfhelm but wrapped it in orange silk to avoid the sun beating down on the metal which caused him headaches. Areo is completely loyal to Prince Doran and has a father-like love for Princess Arianne.


Canon Background

As the Jasparian vessel Rambis was preparing to sail from Spottswood Areo boarded the ship and demanded to search for the missing princess, Arianne Martell. Ser Darron Brewlan objected, citing the Areo had no authority on a Jasper vessel. A tussle ensued in which both men, at least initially, were reluctant to draw weapons. However Darron decided to wrest Areo’s long-axe from his back after he was wounded grievously by an arrow that had been thrown(!) by Ser Carsen from the crow’s nest. Carsen intervened in the brawl on deck which allowed Areo to slip below decks to search for his charge. It was there that he encountered Gregoriy Al-Tem. After some discussion with the priest and his companions Areo was convinced to support the Rambis in their attempt to rescue Ser Dolins and Thomas from captivity by the Ironborn. Areo did his duty, but no more. He infiltrated the island to stay true to his word but never lost sight that his primary duty was to survive and return to his charge, Lady Arianne.

Areo Hotah

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