Aron Santagar

Knight of House Santagar


Aron is a vain but honest man. He is lighter in complexion than the typical “salty” Dornish.



Canon Background

Ser Aron rode out from Spottswood to greet the crew of the beached Rambis on the 18th day of December, 286 AC. When they shared the circumstances of their damaged ship Ser Aron sympathized and shared that Euron Greyjoy has been rumored to have entrenched himself in the Stepstones over the winter. He advised that the Dornish have had little use for ships since the days of Nymeria and as a result the only shipwrights to be found may be in Planky Town or the Shadow City.

Days later Aron sought the wisdom of Maester Thaddeus so that House Santagar could prepare properly for the coming of spring. When Summer brought the Maester’s report to Aron she found him looking down on a prisoner. An Iron Islander had washed up a day’s ride down the coast and had been delivered here for questioning. Aron stood by while Summer asked after the whereabouts of Ser Dolins before abandoning her efforts. She returned a short time later with the Maester. The inquisition continued but to no apparent avail; the asked Aron to speak to the head of his house about staying the prisoner’s execution. Aron agreed to do so if the Maester provided some medicines for his house as they lack a maester of their own.

A week after this Ser Darron approached Aron requesting soldiers to fight the Ironborn in the Stepstones. Aron refused, citing appearances. He had been charged with the safety of Spottswood and its people after all. He would not be seen a fool for relinquishing a defensible position. Darron then requested he seek out soldiers to volunteer… and was again refused. He then asked for smallfolk to join the cause for gold and glory… and was again refused. He then requested a prisoner and Aron freed Isabella, putting her in the charge of the older knight.

Aron Santagar

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