Night's Watch Deserter


Arthur’s dark complexion and hair are typical of his “sandy” Dornish heritage. A trim man, the years of slowed him some, but not much. His weathered face looks as though he has spent much of his life in the elements.


Born in the river valley of the Greenblood, in Dorne, Athur was the middle of nine children. His father forced him to leave home at a young age because his older siblings were better able to work the land while his younger siblings would certainly perish on their own. He spent some time crewing a barge for a clan of the Orphans Of The Green Blood before turning to more lucrative work as a river pirate. He was eventually caught by Martell soldiers and tried for his crimes; he was sentenced to imprisonment at Ghaston Grey. It was there that Yoren recruited him to the Night’s Watch. Arthur has served as a ranger for over 10 years at East-Watch-By-The-Sea and is the veteran of many rangings. He knows The Shivering Sea and The Haunted Forest well.

In 282 AC he was discovered aboard a mid-sized vessel sailing from White Harbor to Gulltown. Carsen intimidated him as Ser Darron and Jardon watched. He broke down and described a ranging from Eastwatch-By-The-Sea up the Antler River. He reported that he and two “black brothers” took shelter from a storm in cave flanked by weirwood trees and that in it they discovered a Valyrian steel sword and a weirwood bow. However his companions had taken ill and died before the storm broke. Both rose again and Arthur fled in terror, leaving behind the valuable weapons they had found. He managed to sail his sloop as far south as White Harbor before wrecking and stowing away on a southbound ship. He was prepared to face death for deserting but was shown mercy by the three strangers. Carsen traded him traveler’s garb in exchange for his black clothing and he disappeared into a crowd upon making port.

At a burned out farm north of the Trident Carsen, Darron, and Jardon reencountered Arthur. Arthur told the tale of how he had traveled to Planky Town and taken work on a pole boat, pushing all the way up the Vaith, ultimately finding himself marooned for some unknown slight or offense. There he was rescued by Ser Gerold, given sanctuary at Hellholt, and was offered employment. It was in that capacity that he marched north, fought for the royalists at the Battle of the Trident and has encountered again the trio from House Jasper. Arthur acted as spokesman for his companions (Gala and Gerold) given his prior relations with all and helped to broker an uneasy night sharing a fire and a meal without any spilled blood.

In December of 286 AC Arthur was hired by members of House Jasper to guide them safely across the desert from Spottswood to Planky Town or the Shadow City. He was also hired to see them returned safely to Spottswood on the second day of 287 AC.


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