Arturo Stone

Bastard cousin of Lord Corbray


A middle-aged man, Arturo appears to have a sinewy sort of strength. His eyes constantly dart from one place to the next; it would seem he is more comfortable in woods and hills than castles and halls. He is rarely seen without his bow and quiver.


Arturo is a bastard cousin of Lucian Corbray. The pair have been close throughout their life and although he is not a learned man, Lord Corbray places a great deal of trust in his cousin’s judgement. He has been the master-of-hunt of the House Corbray for many years.

In the early days of Robert’s Rebellion a diplomatic party, led by Nestor Royce, arrived at Heart’s Home. Lord Lucian had already declared for the Iron Throne, a position Arturo agreed with. After all, oaths sworn to a king should supplant oaths sword to a lord. However it seemed Lord Royce and his companions sought to win the support of House Corbray. A one-eyed archer, a peculiar sight indeed, came to speak with Arturo at sunset that eve as he was honing his shot with his bow. The man made no secret of his intent, and never being much for words a simple wager was struck. If the stranger won Arturo would speak to Lucian of the justness of the rebel cause. The first to hit a hay bale, 100 yards distant, seven times would be the victor. The number was chosen to honor the gods. Each of Arturo’s arrows found their mark whilst two of the challenger’s landed in the mud. As a prize Arturo collected the contents of the man’s purse and would retain his political views.

In 284 AC Jardon returned to Heart’s Home with Ser Darron Brewlan. The trio conversed at the range and Arturo shared that House Corbray had taken heavy losses at The Trident and they parted ways shortly after. It seemed the men had come to recruit and left empty handed.

Arturo competed in the archery contest during the tourney to celebrate the marriage of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. It came down to only him and Jardon Pyke. A gust of wind came at the 200yd distance and Arturo’s shot went long, giving the younger bastard the victory and the 500gd prize. Arturo remarked that their contests now stood at one victory apiece before fans mobbed Jardon to congratulate him.

Arturo and Lyn Corbray were out hunting toward the end of 285 AC when they were struck unaware by robbers. Unbeknownst to Arturo, they were set upon by House Jasper men in Lynderly garb. After an exchange of arrows, Arturo was forced to flee but was brutally wounded in the process. Seeking revenge, Arturo made his way to Snakewood days later but was captured and imprisoned for more than a week. He was executed by Ser Thom Lynderly during the storming of Snakewood, alongside his rival Jardon Pyke.

Arturo Stone

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