Captain of the Cornelia, a merchant vessel


Asten sports pale, curly hair that he wears long. He is a burly man with wide shoulders but stands no higher than the average man.


Asten is the captain of the merchant cog Cornelia and is a veteran of the Narrow Sea. In 283 AC Lady Alys Jasper hired him to transport Ser Darron, Ser Carsen, and Jardon from Weeping Town to the Arbor. The voyage, which is typically uneventful, was anything but. Ultimately his passengers were delivered safely to their destination.

In April of 284 AC, Asten was again hired by the Jasper men to transport them, along with Maester Thaddeus, Thomas, Cedric, and Ulf to Paps. He stated he would be charging them a daily rate of 1gd per day, however storms delayed departure from the isle to Snownook. Darron reluctantly agreed to continue paying the rate while the ship waited out the weather, with Jardon footing most of the bill.


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