Avros Yolkin

Bald, Menacing, Scarred up, you get the picture....


Avros is about 6’4’’ tall and muscular. He is bald from being a slave soldier in Norvos, but has quite the budding beard since escaping slavery. His demeanor is usually angry, or seemingly so, he more amiable when he is with the rest of his kin.


Avros was a former slave soldier of Norvos. He has known nothing but fighting since then. He was what Westeros would consider a “basterd”, having been born a son of a bearded priest and discarded and sold into slavery, but since royalty is not as much of a focus to Norvoshi culture, he was just a slave.

Avros is around 50 years old, but still just as agile as he was at 30. Some speculate this could be from his time with the Order of the Darkwash, but most just consider it was be for his viscous nature in combat.

Avros has taken an obvious liking and mentorship to Nail Yesikov. Nail has appreciated the teaching, but it is obvious that Nail is the more formidable of an opponent than Avros, and some think that is why Avros has tried to become friends with Nail, he might be his match! Some think it might be the longing for a father son relationship, but this would be an outsider’s view of the situation.

Avros Yolkin

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