The proprieter of the Old Witch Tavern in Flea Bottom


A lean bearded man of middle age. He is dirty as any other resident of Flea Bottom. Those close to him know that he is prone to trembling when stressed. He is missing the pink on his left hand.


Bathue has been the proprietor of a small inn and tavern called The Old Witch Tavern in the Flea Bottom neighborhood of King’s Landing. Bathue has said that he won the OWT while gambling. Several months into his ownership, shortly before the Sack of King’s Landing, he rented a room to a group of travelers (Dolins, Calaila, Teddy, Thaddeus). When his guests attempted leave the following morning they were preventing from exiting the narrow alley by Tontos Caballero and his men. The young woman in the group took refuge in the room they had rented only to disappear after the door was unlocked (by a key provided by Bathue at Dolins’ suggestion). She had escaped via a trap door that Bathue had been unaware of. When she could not be found in the tunnels beneath Tontos had Bathue tortured, cutting off one of his fingers before Dolins intervened.

It was a few years later before Bathue saw anyone else before from House Jasper. It was June of 187 AC when Teddy and Dolins returned (accompanied by Ser Darron). It seemed time had faded the memories of the men and none spoke of their shared history. They bought afew drinks and seemed keenly interested in a boy who was working for Bathue (Kem, though none saw fit to ask the boy his name). The next day Bathue saw the boy leave with the trio and he had to find a new child to help with the chores at his tavern.


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