Ben Lynderly

A Knight of House Lynderly


Ben is the eldest of the three boys born of his father, and carries himself as such. His father, now deceased, was Lord Yoren’s trusted advisor (a role that Ben now tries his best to fill). Ben’s hair has begun to recede, much to his chagrin, and he seems to compensate by becoming increasingly prickly (especially with his brothers George and Thom).


Ben met Ser Carsen, Ser Darron, and Jardon Pyke in Snakewood’s hall as he broke his fast one morning in October of 285 AC. As he sat with his brothers and cousin Jon talk quickly turned to House Thorne’s tin mine. The Lynderlys held firm in their belief that they’re owed a half stake in the mine as it is in a cave network that connects to both Thorne and Lynderly land. Ben tried to take the lead in the negotiations but was overshadowed by his more savvy brother George. Negotiations devolved and reached a breaking point when Carsen threatened war if the claim was pursued further. This caused Jon to storm out of the room, after which Carsen did the same.

Ser Ben was killed while trying to rally Lynderly forces as the Jasper and Elesham army stormed the gate. His body was not found until the third day following the battle, the first day of March 286 AC.

Ben Lynderly

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