Benedard Belmore

Lord of Strongsong


As he has aged the Lord of Strongsong waistband and unruliness of hair have continued to grow. Though knighted as a young man, he has not picked up a sword or put on his spurs in years. As is typical of house house Benedar is a lover music and claims his hall’s acoustics are the work of Bran the Builder. In his younger days he also employed a luthier named Bernard, a rather unusual retainer for a noble house. As his sons have grown he has come to rely upon Ser Marwyn and Ser Bruce.


Lord Belmore played the part of gracious host, welcoming a Jasper party who arrived at his castle unexpectedly in August 288AC. The lord employed a portly steward named Darrol liaised with the visitors while Stella the cook provided a small feast. The Jaspers explained they were seeking interested talent for their new Bardic College. A performance by the eponymous Ser Dolins followed. The next morning Lord Belmore banished his visitors after Lord Theodore Jasper made clear that their true purpose was in seeking Ser Bruce in connection to murders in Jasper lands. The lord’s wrath was something to behold…

Benedard Belmore

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