Bennett of the Snakewood

A knight in service of House Lynderly


Bennis was born of an unwed union between a local woodsman and a cousin of Yoren Lynderly. Though he was raised within the walls of Snakewood, from a young age he preferred to spend his time anywhere but. His moniker, Bennett of the Snakewood, refers to the Castle, the Forrest, and the river. He is known to be dedicated, if somewhat dull. He fights clad in green plate mail with an immense flail.



Bennett oversaw the comings and going at Snakewood’ gatehouse when his cousin Jana wed Teddy Jasper in December of 286 AC.

In June of 287 AC Betty and Ser Bennett accompanied Lady Jana as she departed Snakewood for her new home at Snownook. Days later Bennett sparred with Avros, quickly knocking the big man unconscious with his flail. It was unfortunate timing as Gregoriy was gathering the Order of the Dark Wash to intimidate an unwanted septon who was building a sept nearby. Bennett agreed to go in Avros’s stead; it “only seemed fair” as he had incapacitated Avros. Despite his rather amicable nature Bennett quickly developed a reputation at Snownook as a fierce warrior with his flail.

Bennett of the Snakewood

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