A mysterious old woman from Feliston


Estimated age of over 90 but no one really knows Bethlazar’s true age. Small, hunched over with grey, thinning hair, always dressed in heavy rags and carrying a large walking stick. Bathlazar shuffles slowly when she walks, and has a creaky voice.


Bethlazar is a strange, seemingly ancient woman that has lived in Feliston, near Castle Snownook, for as long as anyone can remember. She has never been married, or had children, and as far as anyone knows, has always lived alone and stayed to herself. Her cottage is outside of Feliston and well stocked with herbs, flasks, jars, and other preserved items. Rumors of witchcraft and dark magic circulate the town when Bethlazar’s name is brought up, and the local children steer clear of her home.

The old woman was visited one afternoon in July of 288AC by Teddy, Dolins, and Summer. They relayed the slaying of a member of a small mountain clan. They explained the victim had been decapitated but the eyes had been left behind. Bethlazar shared she has heard that “the singers” come from the West and hunt on full moons. They asked if she could glean anything from the eyes they recovered. Bethlazar obliged and turned her stew into a potion that she dropped the eyes into. She was paid a copper penny for her troubles and Teddy and Dolins tried the draught but nothing happened. As they left Teddy asked for a second helping and miraculously he saw the deceased’s final moment – on a mountain top a shirtless man pained in a dark shade and wielding a battle axe was the killer. A month later she performed a similar reading for the eyes of Eevahry, who last saw a redheaded man in purple swinging an axe.


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