Bodrin Fischer

Jardon's Other Half Brother


A tall and lanky man, Bodrin is rather creppy and slimey. He has greasy black hair, He doesn’t outright give the vibe of being vile, but being around him for a couple of minutes might might make your skin crawl. He has a strange resemblance to Jardon, but Jardon definitely doesn’t look like an imp who just crawled out of a cave.


Bodrin is the second son of Bander Fischer and Elrie Fischer. Bodrin is the half-brother of Jardon “The Observant” Pyke. Bodrin, along with his brother Eddin Fischer, run the fishing business their father left them. Bodrin, although a great fisherman and sea captain, is more the brains of the operation .

He is a skilled accountant and negotiator and good at running the business. Although the business was left for Eddin to run, Bodrin is the one actually running it, and man is he making coin! Although, Bodrin may be running a side business outside of the shipping business, but this is mostly just speculation on his brother Eddin’s part.

Bodrin gained most of his business skills by staying around with his father when he was a child. Bander was both a great fisherman as well as a great businessman, negotiator, and probably swindler as well. Bodrin picked up a lot from him on the latter side of those skills.

Bodrin hates his mother, thinks that she probably had something to do with his father’s death, despite the fact that his father imbibed a bit too much. Bodrin does not visit Elrie nearly at all, a point of contention between him and his brother Eddin. Bodrin could care less however, maybe Eddin should be focusing on how much the nets he uses, that aren’t any better than the cheaper ones, cost.

Bodrin and Jardon get along beautifully, perhaps a bit too well…..

During the waning days of 285 AC, Jardon entered the Fischer’s Fish store, accompanied by two knights, Ser Darron Brewlan and Ser Carsen Thorne. Eddin was overjoyed to see their half-brother, Bodrin was less so… especially after Jardon explained that they needed a favor. Bodrin did perk up when Jardon paid 75gd for their help. In their smaller fishing boat, the Fischers ferried the trio (and Jardon’s destrier Moonwake) to Corbray land under the cover of darkness. Two days later, as agreed, the Fischer brothers returned to pick up the trio and found them bloody and breathless, but alive. They sailed safely back to Jasport without issue.

On the first day of 286 AC the entire Fischer clan attended the wedding of Jardon and Jeyne Oakheart at Snownook. About two months later Bodrin and the rest of the Fischers attended a meeting with Snownook’s council to sort out the inheritance of Jardon’s belongings. The Jaspers would not part with Jardon’s vessel, The Rambis, but did allow the family to take any items they wished from Jardon’s room in the Soldier Tower. Ser Darron accompanied the family, and helpfully broke open a desk, spilling many Gold Dragons on the floor, which Bodrin scooped into a bag.

In August of that year Carsen surprised Bodrin by sneaking into the waterfront storehouse the family purchased (described as a long, low building with a sign reading ’Fischer’s Shipping & Fishing’) in Gulltown. Bodrin’s disdain for Carsen did not stop him from sharing that (with Eddin and Leyanna) he had relocated to Gulltown to begin a ‘triangle trade route’ from Gulltown to White Harbor to Braavos. Their trade vessel was bought with coin inherited from Jardon and as such is named Jardon in his honor.’ By the time the two men parted ways two deals had been agreed to. The first was that in exchange for 5gd Bodrin would allow Zane Thorne to become ship’s boy aboard Jardon. The boy would be picked up from Jasport in the first week of November. The second agreement was to deliver the men and woman of House Jasper safely to Snownook the following day; Teddy Jasper paid the rather steep fare for all.

In the first week of December of 286 AC Teddy Jasper entered Bodrin’s Gulltown storehouse with a rather unusual proposition. He explained that it was very important for him to see Zane Thorne returned to Snownook and a price of 50gd was agreed upon for the chore. In June 287 AC Teddy returned with Sers Darron and Dolins. Bodrin eventually informed them that Zane had been traded to the Cornelia to be their ship’s boy in exchange for a new sail. Bodrin couldn’t offer much more but did share that Cornelia’s home port is King’s Landing and he extracted 25 gold as payment now and the payment of 25 more when Zane was retrieved. Bodrin arrived in March of 288 AC to collect the other portion of his payment. Teddy negotiated him down to 16 gd because Zane himself had not yet been found, a point Bodrin disagreed with on the grounds that he had given Teddy the needed information. Unfortunately for Bodrin, he was in no position to argue with the lord.

Bodrin Fischer

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