Feliston's Village Smith


Brock is the village smith of Feliston. He apprenticed in the shop as a boy and took over running from his grandfather when he was ten-and-six. Though aged, he has retained much of his youthful strength because of the long hours spent at his forge. As is typical for his trade, his right arm is noticeably larger than his from hundreds of hours swinging his hammer.


Dolins ventured in to Brock’s modest shop in April 285 AC. The bard produced a dragon’s tooth and asked if he could commission Brock to fashion it into a weapon. Brock referred him to smith named Severus in Gulltown, explaining that an object such as that is beyond his skill. He typically forges tools, horse shoes, chains, and the like.

In May of 286 AC Maester Thaddeus approached Brock about creating a glove that would cover his disfigured hand. Thad also asked asked about creation of an ornamental collar for Guliver but Brock refused the commission, explaining that he does not work in precious metals. It was then that the Maester learned that the smith has been lonely since his wife passed the previous year. With help from the affable Ser Dolins a ‘quick courtship’ event was held in Snownook’s banquet hall. Of the women available Brock chose Tanda (penniless and in need of a kettle), Daisy (the widowed mother of Pavel Brogan, intent on solving her husband’s murder), and Violet (quiet but sweet) as the best matches.

It was June 287 AC when Gregoriy Al-Tem ventured into the smithy with a strange proposition. He explained to Brock that with Lord Ronnel’s support he was forming a justice counsel. He invited Brock to join him on the three person panel, which the smith reluctantly agreed to… with reservations about how useful he would be in such matters.

Record as a member of the Council of Justice
June 287 AC – Stefany – accused of spreading the pox.
Brock recommended her nose be cut off. Her punishment was being tattooed with pox-like marks.

September 287 AC – Heather – accused of knowingly poisoning food.
Brock initially thought of paying restitution but ultimately Heather was cleared of wrongdoing.

October 287 AC – Ser Shaymus – found guilty of betrayal and aiding thieves by way of trial-by-combat.
Brock voiced that he should be exiled to The Wall or executed. Shaymus was exiled to Essos until he returned the stolen property.

June 288 AC – Ser Carsen Thorne – found guilty of the murder of Calaila but requested trial-by-combat before he was executed.
Brock agreed with the verdict but not the sentence. He stated that as a landed knight Carsen should be made to pay in gold (657 gd), not blood.


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