A "Protector"


A tall, thin, clean-shaven man with black eyes. He appears “hard as bone”, physically and emotionally.


Canon Background

In 282 AC Bronn was staying the night at the Crossroads Inn when Orvyle Whent entered and demanded he leave. His reputation as a hot-blooded trouble maker was the cause. He stalked to the backroom of the inn on Masha’s direction before blood could be spilled. That night Orvyle died in his sleep, of greycap poisoning.

Bronn did endorse to Dolins that he believed Maggie to be responsible for Orvyle’s death, as he had spent the night with Masha (giving both an alibi). Bronn later delivered Maggie to Lord Whent where she met the Lord’s justice. He was rewarded for his troubles by Lord Whent in the form of a sack of gold, which he bragged about to Dolins and his traveling companions when they arrived at Harrenhall, “a day late and a dragon short”.

Bronn wagered on the final round of the archery contest with a man he knew as “Rob Dark” (truly Ser Carsen in disguise). When he suspected the man of cheating, by coughing and sneezing during the draws of Arturo Stone and Rose of the Reach, Bronn threatened the man and the foolery ceased. Ultimately he lost the wager, and 2gd to Carsen when Jardon Pyke triumphed in the contest at the royal wedding in 284 AC.

Calaila came across Bronn, and Ser Leo, at House Jasper’s tournament in 285 AC. Bronn gloated over the events at the Inn at the Crossroads and chaffed at the notion that he is a knight. In the ensuing exchange Bronn explained to Calaila that he is linked with the “protectors” and Calaila recommended he seek the attention of Stefany.


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