Crazy Old Woman Or Sage Prophet


Brynda is a stooped and feeble old woman. She appears to be missing several teeth and her wide nose is her most prominent facial feature. Something in her gaze and movements suggests authority and wisdom but it is unclear what that is. It seems likely she was born during the reign of Daeron II “The Good” making her very old indeed.


Brynda’s words are cryptic and as such little is known of her past and present. She was encamped at the ruined Shell Fort in 282 AC when a party of nine travelers approached seeking shelter as well. Gods only know if it were coincidence, accident, or fate that brought the ten of them together that night. Sensing something in the group Brynda tried to answer the torrent of questions they unleashed upon her the best she could. Ultimately three statements she made seemed to carry more weight than the rest:

“Stick together, as the night is dark and full of terrors”
“Find the glass, and use it.”
“Open the tomb”

The last phrase seemed to refer to the folly located in the yard of the Shell Fort. She suggested that the group seek out the Children of the Forrest to gain a clue for entry. The group’s Maester offered a bronze shield covered in ruins and asked if she could read the inscription. Brynda recognized the markings as “the old tongue” which she can speak and understand… but cannot read.

In late 282 AC she appeared in the Tower of Ghosts to Calaila and reminded her of what she had said in their last meeting. Weeks later Dolins and Maester Thaddeus spoke with her while exploring the 3rd floor of the Tower of Ghosts. The were forewarned that hiding and fear are in their future and that neither dragon nor stag will sit the Iron Throne. Again, she urged them to open the Shellfort tomb.

In the spring of 283 AC Brynda met again with Carsen, Darron, and Jardon whilst resting by the roadside in the Reach. She chastised the men for not yet finding The Children. She implored them, for the good of all Westeros to not wait too long to access the Shellfort tomb. The three men mocked the old woman as a drunkard and she hobbled away, frustrated and alone.

On December 2nd of 286 AC Brynda was deep in thought as she surveyed the cells of Snakewood when Ser Carsen happened upon her. Though he did not immediately recognize her, she knew a great deal about him. After a terse exchange Carsen threatened the old woman, and then punched her. She called for the guards above and they came and arrested the knight, tossing him into the cell he had been standing next to just moments earlier. The next morning Brynda spotted Carsen leaving the village. Rather than calling for his arrest she approached and gave Carsen a cryptic warning.

“A time will come when you will need to sacrifice your life to protect the cat or the dog or the bear or the wolf. If you do not, your entire line will be extinguished.”


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