Brynden Tully

The "Black Fish" of House Tully


A tall, lean man with a hoarse voice. His auburn hair (coloring typical of House Tully) has begun to gray. A kind but stubborn man as well as an experienced warrior and commander.


Canon Background

An irate Bryden was storming out of Riverrun when his path crossed that of Dolins and Thaddeus at the wedding of his nieces (Catelyn and Lysa). At their urging he returned to the castle’s yard to watch the bard perform. The music seemed to brighten his dour mood somewhat.

Brynden next encountered Dolins and Thaddeus just after his appointment to Knight of the Gate. He greeted his acquaintances warmly and encouraged Dolins to perform for his garison; the bard was kind enough to comply. Ser Brynden was also introduced to Theodore Jasper and Calaila. He shared news with the travelers of the death of King Aerys, the sack of King’s Landing, and the coronation of Robert Baratheon.

He competed in the joust at the tourney celebrating the wedding of King Robert and Queen Cersei. He bested several opponents before losing to Ser Darron Brewlan in the fifth round. After being eliminated from the joust he entered the sunset melee. He eliminated Ser Ardrian and charged Dolins, who kicked sand into his face, stuck him with a stiletto, and began trying to evade. The Blackfish was relentless in his pursuit and Dolins ultimately yielded.

In the thoroughfare of the tournament at Snownook in 285 AC Brynden and Nestor were speaking of the state of the Vale’s defenses when they were come upon by Calaila. They explained that between the two of them they had confidence in the Bloody Gate protecting the Vale and the Gates of the Moon protecting the Eyrie. However, both men voiced concern that the region was vulnerable from the sea. They asked Calaila to whisper in Lord Jasper’s ear, guiding him to bolster House Jasper’s army and navy. After a trial of seven was ordered by Lord Jasper to resolve the issue of whether Ser Cortnay had murdered Ser Hoster Woodhull in a joust the accused and the accuser (James Woodhull) set about recruiting champions to fight for their causes. Brynden agreed to fight for James, their side triumphed and the two men fought side-by-side throughout.

At the request of James Woodhull, Brynden traveled to Paps in early 286 AC to advise the fiery knight. The two had formed a bond fighting together the previous year. When a delegation from House Jasper arrived to broker a marriage pact between the Woodhulls and Eleshams Ser Brynden supported it, going so far as to travel with them to the meeting place the next day. In the clearing at the isle’s center Theodore and Darron rode away when the sound of an army on the march reached their ears, leaving only James, Brynden, and the aged steward Iggy. The Elesham soldiers emerged from the east and fanned out along the tree line, making escape difficult. Bryden tried to deesclate the situation but Argyle and Carsen pursued violence. After disarming Carsen, Brynden demanded the fighting cease. Carsen rode to where Lady Elesham was waiting and began firing arrows at Brynden. The knight rode away, breaking through the enemy lines. His horse died from arrow wounds a moment later and the knight traveled back to Woodhull on foot arriving at dawn. On the path in the grey hours of morning he came acorss Dolins, who bore the corpse of Calaila on his horse. Once at Woodhull the two knights shared what happened with Ralph. Ralph suggested that he and Brynden ferry away James’s heir and daughter as a precaution. The two men hurried away to secure a fishing boat, as they parted Dolins was told he could resupply but not to linger, for there was no telling how the soldiers might react to the capture or killing of James.

At the Spring Tourney of 288 AC Ser Brynden was named the Champion of the Rains by Lord Arryn. He faced several changers and bested many of them, including Ser Dolins. The Bard Knight’s light armor was no match for Brynden’s skill. Though he lost the duel (and 250ss – a favorable ransom) Dolins gained Brynden’s respect.

Brynden Tully

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