Mistress of Whispers of House Jasper


21 years old, small in stature and in voice. Dark hair and paling skin from being nearly constantly hooded, with a friendly face and warm smile when she deems the company worthy. Following a near-death attack from her nemesis, Calaila received a nasty scar on her neck. She wears a heavy cloak, scarf and hood of fine fabric to cover her disfigurement, and wears mysterious scents.

Along with her beloved stiletto, Calaila carries tools of deception and distraction with her, valuing the ability to squeeze her way out of any bumps she may come across along her path.


Calaila came to house Jasper three years ago as a handmaid, having traveled from King’s Landing, and convinced the house staff to allow her to prove her worth. She began her time at House Jasper working in close proximity to the nobles of those house, especially Lady Alys, caring for their daily activities. Jaspers appear to think fondly of Calaila, and seem to respect her work and interpersonal skills. She knows when to speak up, and when to hold back, and presents as knowing her place in the home. Falling into line at the house, she expresses political agreement with Lady Alys and Lord Ronnel, but won’t bring up politics independently. She also abides by the religious beliefs of house Jasper and quietly attends services when the family does.

Calaila’s fellow house staff do not speak quite as highly of her as the staff does. If you were to ask them, they would say she is distant and cold to the other staff members, and when she’s not working, she keeps to herself in her room.

Prior to her Snownook days, Calaila started in Flea bottom in King Landing, where she developed a taste for ambition after years of sneaking into the Red Keep and watching the nobles of the land live a very different life than the one she knew. Knowing that her lack of wealth and power stood in the way of her being in the vicinity of the Lord and Ladies of the realm, Calaila tackled wealth, and joined a band of cut purses. For years, she developed her skills with the short swords, and thievery, and did whatever she could to gather up as much gold as she could get her hands on.

After a violent falling out with her former partner, Olivia, on one particular heist, Calaila sought stability and proximity to nobility by becoming the handmaid to a small but growing house, House Jasper. This opportunity granted her the chance to demonstrate her talents in persuasion, cunning and charm to Lord Ronnel and Lady Alys, and they soon began to see that she was worth much more to them as a house advisor than a handmaid.

As time went on, Calaila’s demonstrations of her abilities earned her the title of Mistress of Whispers. She served the house by gathering a network of handmaids across the seven kingdoms to funnel rumors, news and gossip back to her, and her level headedness and attention to customs, etiquette and traditions made her a valuable asset to the Jasper Family, in particular the oft unpredictable Theordore. While her daily pursuits were publicly always for the betterment of House Jasper, Calaila’s true loyalty was towards herself, with a keen sense of self preservation and an eye set firmly on what she hoped was a bright future. When traveling throughout the Seven Kingdoms, she never missed an opportunity to take audience with the noblest houses, and make every effort to leave a favorable impression.

Despite multiple instances in which Calaila risked her own safety for the sake of her fellow Jasparians, and saved Lordling Teddy from death, Calaila’s story ended with a full circle back to her humble and unjust beginnings. When Rusty learned of information potentially damaging to Lord Theodore after Carsen invited him on board and introduced him to a very drunk and loose lipped Jardon, Calaila took quick action to warn her lord liege at once. Already grievously wounded, she mounted her horse to deliver the message without hesitation, vehemently declining Carsen’s offer of an escort, though unsuccessfully. Thomas and Maester Thad witnessed Carsen and Calaila set off together, where once deep in the woods, Carsen brutally murdered Calaila by shooting her in the back. He carved off her face to bring to Calaila’s old nemesis, Olivia, as proof he fulfilled a promise from long ago. All was for naught however, as unbeknownst to Carsen, Cailala had already exacted her revenge on Olivia a year prior when she brought Olivia to her flaming death in the Gulltown distillery. Calaila died on lonely road on a quiet road on a remote island at the hands of a member of her own party, ultimately unprotected by the status and secret wealth she had worked her whole life to acquire.


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