A former Hedge Knight, now in service of House Jasper


An old man with dark eyes, light hair, and a calm cheery demeanor. His armor is battered, his clothing torn, and his weapons appear simple but well cared for. He is weary. His sigil is a golden charge of wheat on a red field.


Darron, and Jardon encountered Ser Cedric while on the road to Gulltown in 284 AC. He claims he was once a man of the Gold Cloaks and that after he was knighted he served both Bracken and Blackwood. He also claims that he did not participate in Robert’s Rebellion because he was too far away. The two men offered to pay for his lodging in the nearby inn that night and Cedric has agreed to join them on their ride to Gulltown in the morning. As day broke Maester Thaddeus and Ser Carsen rejoined the group and introductions were made. After a few days of uneventful travel the party came upon a mountain clansman. Cedric drew his weapon, luckily cooler heads prevailed and no blood was shed. The group continued to Gulltown, arriving one week later. Cedric was mostly relegated to guarding their captive, but did so competently. He was given a sigil ring by Thaddeus and was asked to continue traveling with them.

In the skirmish with Rancis and Ralph’s robbers on Paps Cedric was grievously wounded before he was truly able to enter the fight. Upon arrival at Snownook (still wounded) he took his oath of service alongside Ser Phillip and Lady Ella, with Ser Darron swearing the trio into service.

At the opening of the Bardic College in 288 AC Cedric recited a poem expressing his gratitude to the various members of House Jasper.

In what became known as Ser Jamie’s Tourney in the region, in June of 288 AC, Ser Cedric participated in the riding contest but was unable to win.

In July 288 AC Cedric led a party from House Jasper to a body he had discovered while on patrol. A woman had been decapitated on a mountain summit… and here eyes were left in her pocket but the rest of the head was gone. The old knight was shaken by this and could not bring himself to speak of it… hence the investigative party.


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